World Ocean Day!

Hi, Jammers and bloggers! Today is World Ocean Day! We have an article below from and I hope you guys will read it…


Take a selfie for the sea

Take a photo of yourself doing something for the ocean, or making a promise



Help the ocean. We can all do something to protect our ocean! Get out in your community, or make a promise to change something in your life


Take a photo. Show the world how you’re helping your community; with a promise, at your favorite nature spot, or whatever you want!


Share it with the world! Post to Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platform and tag it #WorldOceansDay.

You can make a sign with your promise, or just take a photo of yourself somewhere special! Just mention your promise in the text of your post.

If you’d like help sharing your photo, send an email and we’ll do the rest.


World Oceans Day event organizers
World Oceans Day event organizers –visit this page for tips on how to ask for promises at your event. Help everyone who attends your event take ocean conservation personally!




Not sure what to promise?

Here’s what other people are doing:

Thanks to Pergamo Paper Goods for this sheet! Download in PDF format or as a printable JPEG– print in landscape for best results.

  • I promise to use reusable bags at the grocery store
  • I promise to use a reusable water bottle
  • I promise to not eat meat on Mondays
  • I promise to take shorter showers
  • I promise to take public transportation to school/work once a week
  • I promise to only eat sustainably caught or farmed seafood
  • I promise to shop a thrift store first instead of buying new
  • I promise to unplug my electronic chargers when not using them
  • I promise to turn off all the lights and the heat or A/C when I leave my house
  • I promise to bike instead of drive for at least one errand a week
  • I promise to participate in a litter cleanup
  • I promise to not use toxic pesticides on my garden or lawn



Make a difference

We support people getting involved on whatever level they can handle, but we especially encourage people to do somethingmeasurable for the ocean. Here are some ideas:

Sustainable seafood: Use your influence as a consumer to make a real difference! Grocery stores and restaurants have the power to influence how sustainably seafood is fished or farmed, so support those that make the right choices. Take your selfie for the sea at your favorite venue that serves or sells sustainable seafood – and then tag them in it so they know you appreciate them! The Seafood Watch app for your smartphone makes it easy to choose right and find businesses committed to sustainable seafood.

Clean energy: You can help reduce carbon pollution that is harming our ocean. Take a selfie doing something positive – like using your bike instead of driving, planting a tree, unplugging your unused electronics, choosing renewable power – to keep our coral reef and other ocean friends safe.

Clean coasts: Take a selfie at your favorite waterway or beach – or, even better, at a cleanup! Your local waterways (and any trash in them) all lead to the ocean, so preventing pollution in your local community helps people and animals who rely on the ocean everywhere. You can also stop more junk mail from being created and shipped by signing up for the 41pounds junk mail reduction plan – you and the planet both win!


How to tag us

flickr_altAre you on Flickr? Upload to our Group!


If you’re wondering… I didn’t take the last picture…


Let’s check our updates! I’m sure the Daily Explorer got something about the sea for us…


AJ ACADEMY – Finished Projects

June 8, 2014 Category: Cool Stuff

Have you been wondering what AJ Academy projects look like when finished, or maybe you just needed a little inspiration? Kacey Kalmar and her children at Fancy Meeting Ewe made some crafts and used them to decorate their home.

Visit and explore Animal Jam Academyhere!

Read more from Fancy Meeting Ewehere!



For our New Item(s)!!!

Today’s new item is located in Treetop Gardens, which is in Sarepia Forest!

Nature-y! Finally! It’s non-members!
Tierney Thys have a new video for us to watch!


Sharks… BEWARE! It’s really sad sharks are endangered. Did you know that more sharks are killed by humans than humans are by sharks? That is so tragic…


About the story…

I decided to call it LEGENDS OF THE LAND.

What do you think about it?

Since today is World Ocean Day, I’m posting two chapters at once! 


The Sea Guardian


Part 3- Attack of the Phantoms
    As if on cue, a trident came shooting down from the sky. It almost pierced Poseidon, but he bounced away. “What’s your point? You are the protector of Jamaa! Why take my soul away?” Poseidon yelled to the brilliant blue sky. Poseidon glanced at the coral trident. It was about the same shade as he was. Once he laid his eyes on it, it was impossible to resist. He took it and held it upwards. Suddenly, a geyser appeared beneath him and took him to the sky.
    When it brought him down, he crashed into the ocean. His den was particularly built above the ocean- a small den that was almost destroyed. If Mira would send anything else, it would collapse. True to his thought, a wave crashed down onto his den. “Now what, Mira? You took my parents. You tried to take my life. Now my house!” Poseidon yelled.
    A lyrical voice hummed, “Look around. Is it me that you see?”
    Poseidon looked around. Phantoms were swarming above the water, throwing unused accessories and den items. They threw rotten vegetables along. The sea no longer have the fresh feeling, or the salty scent. Now, it smells so stinky Poseidon almost passed out.
    “Mira told me you would be someone important someday,” he remembered his mom saying. Could this be… the day Mira awaited for him to be a someone? With a trident?
    Then I’ll have to try. For my mom, thought Poseidon. He cried, “Phantoms, be gone! No longer shall you threaten Jamaa’s oceans!”
    He raised his trident and he was riding on a wave. It crashed down on the phantoms. He created a whirlpool and it brought the phantoms into the sea. Beneath the sea, seals were wrapping phantoms in kelp and weed. Finally, Poseidon swam downwards and blasted the soil. He created a dark void and pushed the phantoms in. The phantoms crowded the area. Many Jammers believe that the magic of the phantoms are so strong in Halloween that they are able to create dark voids throughout Jamaa, but haven’t succeed escaping.
    Poseidon felt proud of himself. Even though the sea was still polluted, he was proud. Suddenly, light shined on him a like a spotlight. You have done well, Poseidon, said a heavenly voice. The voice was so calm that it almost lulled Poseidon to sleep. Then, a majestic blue bird swooped down. Poseidon thought he cringed. He wasn’t ready to accept his past- or the fact that Mira was actually an ally, not a foe.
Part 4- Beta
    “Poseidon,” said Mira. “I have watched you ever since the beginning. You have proven yourself even more worthy than you were in the past. Consider yourself a someone. A Beta. Or even an Alpha.”
    Images of the other Alphas shimmered around Mira. She touched down to dip her feet into the water and it became pure again. “I do not know when else the phantoms shall strike- but now they’re gone thanks to you.”
    The seals cheered. Poseidon didn’t want to accept this. He didn’t want to do anything with Mira. Still, an urge of justice and righteousness filled his heart. He wanted to do more good. “Yes, I am honoured to be a Beta,” the words blurted out of his lips. In the water’s reflection, he could see his emerald green eyes sparkling with happiness.
The End!
Please comment your feedbacks!
For our next story…
Siren of the Sea
    You may dismiss the idea of sirens in Jamaa. Sirens does not only have to be ugly with a melodious voice that lures other animals to their doom. No, not this type of siren. Described to have voice as angelic as a siren, yet heart as pure as gold. A heart of a Beta.
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  1. cool! I’m a top commenter ! 🙂
    I liked your story. It was good!

    Can’t wait for your next one 😀

  2. I’ll try to do something nice for World Ocean Day! 🙂

  3. ❤biamorawesome❤ says:

    Woah! You’re stories are JAMtastic! You really do have a talent and a gift of being a writer, aye? Gah, it’s just too nice :p!

    o.0! Thank you :3. Top Commenters :-D!


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