Tiki Liza of the Legend

In a land, called Jamaa, only peace was known. Love, friendship and harmony blossomed between each animal. Then, when the phantoms first arrived at Jamaa, the land then learned fear. They learned distrust. They learned hatred and discord. Even with the phantoms defeated, those rotten feelings could not be banished easily…
Now, in Jamaa, the land now live in fear. Due to what? The phantoms no longer show them terror, but other Jammers did! There are scammers, hackers and ‘viruses’ roaming then once serene land. These scammers and hackers does not think about others, only for themselves. The problem against phantoms were taken care of. Now, we need the scamming and hacking problem to be taken care.
Only YOU can help Jamaa! Sign the petition by commenting your username, blog name or even your online name! To help, you may also put a scammer’s/hacker’s name whereas possible, but do not accuse. Please, you may be the only hope to save Jamaa from this terror…
My username: rainbow000pegasus
-This is just an example. Do not take offence-
Hi! Today is a Tuesday! Yes, I hope you all will sign my petition, and spread it world wide! Oh, Yay! I didn’t update that late! Anyway, we have updates:
Daily Explorer:
The Daily Explorer posts are surely messed up with some older posts that appeared first were rearranged with new dates! Huh, weird…
Yesterday’s Post:

RIM – Ocean Blue Rare Worn Blanket

June 9, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday

!RIM_blog_blanketOnce again, it is RARE ITEM MONDAY! We humbly offer you this ocean blue Rare Worn Blanket. We hope you can use it for your night time explorations under the summer stars.Animal Jam HQ


Today’s post:



Tierney Thys gives us the inside story about Mangrove Forests in this week’s CREATURE FEATURE.

Mangrove trees only grow on coasts near the equator because they don’t have the tolerance for cold temperatures. They also like slow moving waves that allow them to grow roots without getting washed away.

You can recognize a mangrove forest because they have parts of their roots above ground. These roots help the trees handle the ocean tides. The roots also help slow the waves even more and allow sand and other sediments to settle.

This settling makes a coastline stronger by creating a defense against tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons. The root forests also offer homes and protection to many sea creatures!

This week we celebrate the ocean in honor of World Oceans Day! Find out more here!
Animal Jam HQ

By clicking here, we’re back at http://worldoceansday.org/
Yeah. Hi again.
New items:
Hello, Liza! Why are you looking so grim, so frustrated? Did Peck play a prank on you? Oh dear… Mira, don’t you think Liza look slightly different?

Or is it just trying to scare us? Like what tiki Statues are meant to do? Try looking the explanation up in my previous post with a smiling Greely on it.
Plus, there is a new video in the Sarepia Theater
Cats are cool, aren’t they? They’re even roaming around Jamaa in their wild version- Snow Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs, Tiger… Guess that’s it.
Let’s gather around for a story!
Legends of the Land:
Part 2- Mira’s Message
    “Venus?” called Poseidon. Poseidon is a Beta and was known through the seas. The two were friends when Venus first came to stay. “What’s wrong? You look glum.”
    Venus caught her reflection on a piece of mirror. “Uh, yeah?” Venus said. Even though she was frowning, she still look glamorous. She was wearing a necklace with a shell-charm around her neck. The tiara was still displayed on her head.
    “Yeah, I do look glum. Miss Prettystar and I declare as not-friends,” informed Venus.
    Poseidon looked grim too. “Okay, Venus. I have news. Do you want to hear it? It may change your life,” he warned.
    Venus swallowed hard. “O-okay. I’ll hear it,” she said.
    “Brave indeed,” remarked Poseidon. He brought out a seaweed scroll and began to read from it: “Venus, your calm voice calms the raging waves. In the end, souls you may save. Voice that enchants, the spell you must chant.”
    Suddenly, Venus remember the scroll she found when she was ever so young. Was it Mira’s message? She could remember that fatal day. The day where her sister died. The day she found the scroll.
    “Magical Snowydolphin!” cried a young Venus. No one knows that Magical is actually Seafoam at heart. Venus searched frantically for her sister. Before, Venus had eavesdropped Mira talking to her mom.
    “Seafoam shall be the new Beta along with Poseidon,” said Mira, her voice as if she was singing. “Only if she could escape the phantom’s plans. They plan to seize her and never let her be a Beta.”
    Her mom cringed.  “That would take so much risk,” she complained.
    “The risk a Beta could pay,” Mira said. It sounded almost like mocking to Venus. It sounds like Mira wanted her sister. It was the day before she and her sister were swimming and playing hide-and-seek, which resulted to Seafoam’s disappearance.
    At the end, she only found a scroll. “Your sister is dead. I cannot guarantee what happened yet, but memorise this spell be heart, and you may save lives: ‘Vanquish the darkness and let the light shine. Two forces of animals must combine. Let the joy ring through Jamaa. Let their praises be sung to Mira’.
    Venus always wondered what kind of spell it is. A weird one indeed. Now Poseidon’s here, he might as well listen to her tale. She told him about the past when she was looking for Seafoam. Poseidon shook her head. “I can’t believe Mira toyed with our families. What happened to your parents?” asked the seal.
    “They often leave for work. They never came back so far,” Venus mourned. Poseidon told his story in exchange.
    “My mom died due to that whirlpool,” Poseidon ended.
    “I’m sorry,” Venus said, “to what happened.”
    Anger bubbled in her. She can’t believe Mira would do such things! Now, the sweet dolphin is gone. She wants revenge. Venus needs… revenge.
What revenge will Venus take? Will she have her revenge? Let’s see TOMORROW- when Mira shall reveal truths!
That’s all for today. Bye, guys! Be a Jammer, not a scammer!
*Note*: I may update late tomorrow

3 comments on “Tiki Liza of the Legend

  1. ♡biamorawesome♡ says:

    Rainbow, Mangroves are so PAWsome! Ahh, they are cool, and helpful! Yay, Mangroves!

    Well, at the first topic of your post, it almost made me cry! Gah, I’m doing it!

    Username: biamorawesome
    Scammers/Hackers: havenkat11 and darksonic13!

    About Liza, she seems CRAZEH! I mean, look at her gritted teeth, and the way she closes her eyes! That’s CREEPEH, too!

    Your stories = 2AWESOME!

  2. I’d like to sign up too!
    scammmers/hackers: don’t know any

    if you need any help spreading the word, let me know and I’ll post your petition on my blog =)

    stay safe around the web

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