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Umm… Hi! You guys would forgive me right? It’s like the worst combo put together- an un-cooperative WordPress and a really bad Internet. Anyway, I apologise. I hope the Internet won’t crash again… Or be worse, because I think it’s already the worst. my Internet CRASHED… From Sunday! Or Monday? Still, that was horrible, and I hope it shall never happen again.

Plus, I appologize for skipping Wild Wednesday. I was really looking forwards to it…
Oh, I must fix my quiz question:
What party came out in 2012 and never re-appeared again ever since?
Due on: 1 July 2014

The Daily Explorer got some words for us:

(Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’ll just post today’s Daily Explorer. If you’d like to see other posts to Daily Explorer throughout the week, please scroll down. Thank you.)

RIM – Rare Freedom Sword

Rare Freedom Swords aren’t just for Rare Item Monday, but please enjoy this one as we gear up for Freedom Day in Jamaa!

Swords were first developed in the Bronze Age (approximately in the third millennium BC) in the Middle East. They were first made of copper and then bronze. The oldest examples were found in Arslantepe, Turkey—although these are technically considered to be long daggers. Cooper and bronze are soft metals and tended to bend in blades over 24 inches (60cm). Later in the bronze age with the development of alloys (more than one metal melted together) and heat treatment, longer swords were able to be made that were less likely to bend under pressure.
Animal Jam HQ

New items:
Monday Rare:
Yay, tiki parade! After all those soccer items, it felt reassuring somehow…
Peck and Greely’s Tiki Statues really look like as if it’s sunken. I mean, the picture. I guess some Jammers or animals created tons of them long, long time ago. Some sank, some were burried after the Phantom War. Then, it was revived. My theory and a short, simple story.
Aww… Those wolves in the claw machine looks so adorable being all together. Now, with this out, we can just grab- err- buy one and try to earn as much wolf plushies! For a cheaper option with more patience required (unless you have no diamonds at all), kindly check the Wolves’ Only Party and play the Claw there! I always hoped Animal Jam made an underwater claw that gives out the coolest toys of sea plushies. Ferocious sharks, adorable dolphins, squishy octopus, and silly sea turtles. They might have been released in the Summer Carnival, but what about Angler Fish plushies and Seahorses plushie?
Enough with the rant.
Welcome back, kites!
You too, Dreadlocks.
I’m waiting for the Lollipop Necklace…

Also videos from around Jamaa:
Do you guys want to read a story?
Chapter 2- Greely
Part 1- Dark Secret
    Greely did not howl. He was always part of a pack, but he hated the company. He was alone in his cave. He was studying a sample of a python skin. Then, obtaining a bit of it’s life-force, he sapped it and tried to put it to a mouse. He succeeded. Although he did, he trapped the mouse under a jar-bell with a small hole on it. When he checked the next day, it seems like his experiment worked. The mouse seemed to have shed it’s fur! Greely smiled ominously.
    Hunting- something Greely enjoy to do alone. He had difficulty catching his prey. Even with the fact that there was a phantom nearby that boosts his spirits, which were hardly even up, to hunt. Later, he caught the phantom and the prey, but he didn’t bother to share his prey. It was a close call. He only gotten to taste a chunk of meat before the phantom came charging at him! Luckily, he was able to trap the phantoms in a cage of moose antlers. Greely thought it was rather smart, but not the chief.
    “Why didn’t you tell us?” barked the wolf leader, Chief Chillycanyon. “You could have gotten killed!”
    Greely snorted, “If I howled, the phantoms could have destroyed me faster.”
    Chief’s eyes burned with hatred and fury. “Excuses! No excuses, Greely! Being part of this pack means you have to cooperate!”
    “Yes, sire,” Greely said, not meaning it. He paced back to his cave, where he blocked the entrance. He unveiled an object to reveal a cage with a phantom in it. The phantom was one of their biggest threats of the animals. With the help of a small flickering flame, he set to experiment on his animal magic. He tried giving the phantom a serum of tiger paws-toe-pad movement. Phantoms were known to slip through shadows, but if his experiment worked, he might be able to hear the phantoms. Plus, they would sound like tigers to others, which means THREAT!!!
    He injected the dose. At once, whenever the phantom moved around, he made a noise. Greely had a phantom’s sample. He learned that if he put a special chemical and herbs in the tiger toe-pad serum, he could erase the powers of the phantoms that allows them to slip through shadow.
    Greely played a risky move. He injected himself with a phantom DNA. He hoped that if he succeeds, he was able to slip through shadows. At first, nothing happened. Then, Greely was able to melt into shadows and appear at another edge of the shadow. He kept this as a secret, though.
    Greely was a wolf who knows no weariness. At the day, he went hunting with the other wolves. He managed to hunt down a moose quickly with his new abilities. “How did you catch the moose on your own, Greely?” Chief suddenly asked. His distrust towards Greely was like none to others.
    “It’s how I hunt- alone,” Greely confirmed. Chief looked at Greely as though something was wrong with him.
    It was then he caught his reflection. Unlike other wolves in his pack, he was actually blue. The phantom DNA must be causing it, Greely thought. “Is my fur blue?” Greely asked, pretending to be surprised. “Maybe it’s due to my greed.”
    “Maybe,” Chief said, not buying the story.
    Greely tore another piece of meat. The Chief had a faraway look in his eyes Greely can’t just forget.
    A sudden meeting, great. Late at night, Greely moaned. He was looking for his lost phantom everywhere. Chief Chillycanyon was standing on the rock while the other wolves of the pack either sit or stand on the grass. Greely say by the shadows. “Greely, is Greely here?” Chief called. Greely, hesitantly, finally stepped forwards. “Come up.”
    Greely stood on his ground. “What is that this beside you?” he asked instead. He looked at it. It was a cloth covering a round-like object.
    Chief gave a stern smile with eyes mocking. “This, dear wolves, is Greely’s betrayal to us!” he cried. He unveiled it, revealing a noisy phantom in an antler cage. “He’s befriending a phantom!”
    Gasps filled the night sky. “I’m not!” Greely said, suddenly behind Chief. He took the cage with him. “If you want me to leave, fine with me.”
    Faster than a cheetah, Greely packed his items and disappeared into the shadows.
I apologise once more. It’s just that bad to not be able to post for a week! A week! I’ll end my post here. Bye!
Note: I may post late tomorrow…
Previous Daily Explorer Posts:

RIM – Sky-blue Rare Fedora

June 16, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday

It is RARE ITEM MONDAY and we present to you this sky-blue Rare Fedora! Your animals will look quite dapper sporting this hat while exploring Jamaa!

The first fedoras appeared in 1882. They were used in a play titled Fédora, by Victorien Sardou. The hat was named after the lead female character whose name was, you guessed it, Fedora!

The traditional fedora is made of felt, one of the oldest known fabrics. Since its production doesn’t require a loom, many ancient cultures were able to produce this sturdy textile.

Some of the oldest felt in the world was discovered in the frozen tombs of nomads in the Siberian Tlai mountains and was made around 700 BC!
Animal Jam HQ




CREATURE FEATURE – Acoustic Imager


Dr. Tierney Thys show how to use an acoustic imager!

You’d be surprised by how many animals use echolocation. You might already know that mammals like bats, dolphins, and whales use it to navigate and find food. But did you know that some birds and even rodents use echolocation?

In particular, the tenrec! The tenrec is a relative of the hedgehog and lives only on the island of Madagascar. It spends almost its entire life underground and has terrible eyesight. Its whiskers are hypersensitive, however, and it uses these to help catch the returning sound waves. The tenrec’s echolocation is also highly specialized because its waves travel through soil and dirt!
Animal Jam HQ

JAMMER TIP – More colors!

June 17, 2014 Category: Jammer Tip

Have you noticed all of the additional animal colors that have been added to your choices? There are now 50 colors!

There is even a mystery color! Have you seen any animals with this color or discovered it for yourself?

We all know what crayons are: a colored wax about 3.5 inches (89 mm) long, but do we know when they were invented?

The idea of colored wax goes back thousands of years! The Egyptians heated and blended beeswax and and colored pigment to bind colors to objects in a process called ‘encaustic painting’. They taught this process to other cultures and many adopted it, including the Greeks, Romans and peoples of the Phillipines!

Crayons as we know them today originated in America and were mass-produced in the early 1900s.
Animal Jam HQ



JAMMER ART – Summer Carnival

June 18, 2014 Category: Cool Stuff

Congratulations to Scooter Rainypaw, Fauna Happybelle, Incredible Tinychamp, Prince Coolfox, and Lieutenant Rockyscout! You’ve been selected for this week’s JAMMER ART!

We hope you’re having the most fun at this year’s Summer Carnival, and we hope you are playing often! There are tons of Carnival-exclusive items and games that will cycle in and out during the summer! What’s your favorite item?

You can submit your own artwork at Peck’s Art Studio in Coral Canyons!
Animal Jam HQ



NEWS CREW – Hyenas

June 19, 2014 Category: ContestNews Crew


by Rosy Shinyninja


Did you know that Female hyenas are three times bigger then males? Males have more muscle mass and are more aggressive. Hyenas have a range of vocal sounds like laughter when they are excited. Hyenas live in clans up to one hundred thats a lot of hyenas.

Attention budding Jamaa photographers! Can you fit every animal of Jamaa into one picture? Remember there are 27 animals! Get your buddies to help! JAMMER SNAPS are due by June 29 and can be submitted through Jammer Central in Jamaa Township.
Animal Jam HQ


Wow! Short, but sort of informative. I was slightly offended though. Or maybe it’s because of the 100 words limit.


AJHQ+A – Coral Reefs



In this week’s AJHQ+A, Blooming Arcticstone asks Dr. Tierney Thys: “What is a coral reef made of?”

All kinds of tiny organisms make their homes in the nooks and crannies of skeletons left behind by coral, but did you know we humans have found lots of uses for coral too?

Corals are prized foremost for their beauty! Tribes in western Europe adorned their weapons and battle armor with coral for they believed it had supernatural properties. The Romans made pendants and necklaces of coral for their children, in the hope that its ‘magic’ would ward off evil. Coral also had a prominent role in Greek and Indian cultures. To this day, live corals are still cultivated for their brilliant colors to be used in exotic aquariums.

But don’t start thinking this stationary creature is all looks and no substance! Corals bring lots of marine life closer to the coast, which can be a food source for people living near the sea. The sturdy skeletons that corals leave behind can be used to construct entire buildings! Some chemicals made from corals can be used to mend broken bones and treat some forms of cancer. Maybe the Romans were right: coral is pretty magical!
Animal Jam HQ


AJHQ NEWS – Mission: Animal Rescue

June 20, 2014 Category: AJHQ News

Mission: Animal Rescue is a multi-platform initiative of National Geographic that charges you to save our planet’s most endangered and threatened animals. The initiative aims to inspire you to learn as much as possible about endangered animals and to take action to rescue them. You will have the opportunity to learn in-depth about endangered animals, as well as access to resources and activities that help you get involved, whether locally or online.

Mission: Animal Rescue operates through several programs in order to build a community of helping hands. We use print, digital, online, licensing, and many other resources. By combining education, habitat protection, and a global network of volunteers, activists and advocates, we can build a better world for animals and ourselves!

Visit the hospital in Kimbara Outback or National Geographicfor more information!

Animal Jam HQ


From National Geographic:


You can help save animals!

What is Mission: Animal Rescue?

Mission: Animal Rescue is a multi-platform initiative that charges you to save our planet’s most endangered and threatened animals. The initiative aims to inspire you to learn as much as possible about endangered animals and to take action to rescue them. You will have the opportunity to learn in-depth about endangered animals, as well as access to resources and activities that help you get involved, whether locally or online.

Mission: Animal Rescue operates through several programs in order to build a community of helping hands. We use print, digital, online, licensing, and many other resources. By combining education, habitat protection, and a global network of volunteers, activists and advocates, we can build a better world for animals and ourselves!


How Can I Help?
Download the Mission: Animal Rescue Fundraising Kit! This kit is full of activities to raise awareness, fundraising activities, and other ways to get your community involved in protecting the animals you love.


Donations to Mission: Animal Rescue?

To make a contribution in support of Mission: Animal Rescue, ask your parents to consider texting ANIMAL to 50555 to give ten dollars.

The National Geographic Society is a nonprofit organization whose net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs. Text donations will go toward the Society’s efforts to support animals and their habitats. From building bomas for big cats to protect their wild territory to studying elephants and how they communicate to exploring wild places to better understand animal habitats, National Geographic’s programs help save animals and our world. Thank you for your passion and dedication to this cause.

Charges will appear on your wireless bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to 50555 to STOP. Text HELP to 50555 for HELP. Full terms:

AJ ACADEMY – Summer Carnival

According to meteorology (the study of weather), today is the first official day of summer! This day is also called a solstice, and it has more hours of daylight than any other day of the year. The day with the most nighttime hours is called the winter solstice and it happens in late December. Sadly, that means after today, the days will start to get shorter and the nights will start to get longer.

Americans generalize the summer season being from Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, through Labor Day, the first Monday in September.

According to the Irish, summer starts on the first of May and ends the first of August. In Chinese astronomy, summer starts around the first week of May, with “lìxià” (lee-sha), the “establishment of summer”. On the Chinese calendar there are 24 terms to define the seasons.

Head over to Animal Jam Academyfor the new Summer Carnival activities!


From the academy:

Summer Carnival Coloring Page



JAMMER TIP – Soccer Items and Accessories

Have you been following the soccer World Cup that’s now taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? There have been some very exciting matches!

To celebrate, Animal Jam is featuring lots of soccer den items and accessories. Why not invite your buddies and host a match in your den?

Did your favorite team make it through the first round?
Animal Jam HQ

That explains the soccer accessories…


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    AWW, those plushies are cute! BUT, I had a glance at it and I was like, OMYGOSH OMYGOSH THE CLAW MACHINE. (Didn’t yet realize it was a wolf claw) pretty cute idea, though! Maybe they’ll do the other animals, too!
    HOPING THEY’LL DO A REGULAR CLAW, ALSO! (me want phantom plush)

    Wowie, this was such a long post that I thought it was more than one post. Now, I’m embarrassed. Apologies!
    Hey, I don’t blame you. My internet crashed today! (but got fixed by my sister)

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