Let the Rhinos and Giraffes Roll!

Hi! Today, we have a once-in-a-month feature- Flag Facts! Oh, story STILL available! How cool is that? Plus, we have Thursday Update! Sorry if I updated late! I was out for dinner!

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No updates so far. Probably it’s a video.
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  1. Jammer:

    Thanks for teaching us about the difference between crocodiles and alligators! It totally makes sense now.

    Log in to Reply June 24, 2014 at 10:41 am
  2. Jammer:

    Wow! I always thought it was more complex :P

    Log in to Reply June 25, 2014 at 2:52 pm
  3. Jammer:

    Thank you Dr Brady Barr. I’ve always wondered about how you can tell a Crododile and Alligator apart! Also thank you HQ for having us Jammers experiance being a Crodaodile ( or an Alligator ).
    Keep on Jamming!

    Log in to Reply June 25, 2014 at 3:14 pm

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  1. Jammer:

    That’s super interesting about the oceans! I can’t wait to play the new mode for Bubble Trouble!

     June 25, 2014 at 1:14 pm
  2. Jammer:

    My favorite thing about our beautiful ocean is all the wonderful animals that live in it. AnimalJam is lucky to have some of these amazing animals.

     June 25, 2014 at 3:10 pm

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New Items:
It’s Thursday, so let’s check things out!
New and it’s Volume 121
Don’t they look adorable! Unfortunately, I think AJHQ is rather out of ideas for new pets…
 Oh… my… Zios… This is enchanting! Wow… There’s a cave of crystals, a waterfall, a grotto-like place, chambers, it’s like cool. It seems true- the biggest and the best!
Bye, Lions! This King of the Jungle/Forest always leave me confused…
 More adventures!
 Some info on rhinos…
Cool! More sales! There’s still more time to send your master-piece to AJHQ
Something simple but pretty nice:
As they say: Listen to the music!
About a video…
Diamond Shop:
This new den is going to be POPULAR! It’s BIG and like the BEST. It’s BLUE! In many various shades of blue!
Ohh… Pink with a tuff of hair, diamond patterns and ears drooping. Adorable! I want it as my plushie now…
Flag Facts:
Before, the Flag Shop was inaccessible. It was first open on 19th June 2011. Jamaa’s flag was created by a Jammer named Mythical Arcticstar. The flag had the writing ‘AJ’ in orange and bold in a neat, sort of fancy font with a black paw in front, radiating yellow teardrop-shaped needles that points outwards. It costs 150 gems and is for all members.
Chapter 2- Greely
Part 3- The Phantom War
    As stealthy as shadows, Greely slipped into shadows and appeared from another, ahead of the others. This, hard? Greely thought to  himself. Slipping from shadow to shadow was no challenge to him. Was he respected yet? Was he loved just yet? He have no clue.
    “We’re here. That phantom guard will change shifts in five minutes. Stand by, don’t make a noise,” instructed Greely. He then slipped into the shadow of the tree to reappear inside, where a phantom was circling the place. Greely, luckily, brought the potion and gave it to the phantom. He sneaked around and poured the potion nearly everywhere. Then, when he reached what seemed to the the great throne room, there was no one. Immediately, he realised he was fooled.
    Quickly, he went back to the others. His heart burned with anger. How dare they tricked him! When he returned, he was sure a wild, angry gleam was on his eyes. “They’ve tricked us. The phantom attack occurs now. In that peaceful land…”
    True. Phantoms now roam, causing chaos, chasing animals. A big black thing with one eye cackled. “You cannot defeat me,” Greely heard it mock, although it owns no mouth. “I shall always be the King!”
    “We were too naïve before. Now, we shall not be moved until we defeat you!” growled the Greely angrily. Now he knew why the bird said hard work. He had to work together- as a team. Something Greely wasn’t good at.
    The tiger stepped forwards. “Although I hate to say this, I agree. We won’t let you destroy the harmony between animals!”
    “To think you all were bickering before,” the king teased. Greely growled.
    The koala stepped forwards and tapped his staff on the ground. “I’ll never forgive you for destroying all these nature!” he cried.
    The monkey also stepped forwards. “Agreed! Now we have to… uhh… STOP YOU!”
    Liza stepped forwards, aligned with all the others. “They are all right! You are wrong! We can defeat you!”
    Suddenly, a blue aura blazed around them all. The phantoms around them took no notice and a group began to scare a group of three. Greely noticed, but he knew, if the king was defeated, the rest shall retreat. “We have to save them!” Liza cried. Sighing, Greely, sighing, followed the others as they charged into the wave of phantoms, in a burst of light, the phantoms were defeated! The three were saved.
    Greely and his new unlikely groupmates turned to face the giant king. “We’re stopping you now,” the panda said. Cosmo used his powers to catapult them from a tree. The king opened his mouth, ready to swallow them, but suddenly, Greely was surrounded by a blazing rose red aura, which trailed him. He wondered why he got rose red. He looked to his right to see the monkey get light blue and the koala get a darker blue aura. He swallowed his anger and jealousy about the aura and looked straight forwards, directing all his anger at the phantom king. They entered the mouth of the king, only to explode it. The king was gone… for now. Then, the bird before swooped down from the skies. “The Temple of Zios is surely in ruins,” she muttered. “Cosmo, Graham, Greely, Liza and Sir Gilbert, all your hard work have brought peace once more in the land of Jamaa. Some places are in ruins. No matter, my thanks are in your hearts, I do hope. All the animals said their thanks. I, Mira, have never seen such heroic deeds. I proclaim you all as Alphas, Protector of Jamaa. The ones who came from a faraway land!” She turned to Liza. “Would you do the honours of decorating the township?”
    Liza eyes beamed. “Gladly!” she cried. Meanwhile, Mira turned to talk to the koala. “Would you like to team up with Graham to repair this temple?”
    “Most certainly!” they chorused. To the tiger, the bird asked, “Would you like to decorate the beach?”
    The tiger bowed respectfully to Mira. “Most certainly,” he said.
    To Greely, she said, “I have a land of mystery. Would you do the honours of decorating it so it would be ready?”
    “Yes, it would be my pleasure,” Greely said, knowing the bird was to be respected.
    Mira’s eyes twinkled. “Was I right? There shall be hardships, but I know you could achieve for the best.”
    “Yes, Mira,” Greely said.
I’ll end it here. Bye! Jam on and play wild.

3 comments on “Let the Rhinos and Giraffes Roll!

  1. I’m a big fan of your stories! 🙂
    I just love the Crystal Palace,
    My sis says that the alphas and mira and zios are “lame”
    she just doesn’t get it :/

    • Maybe she doesn’t understand the story. Many Jammers just don’t. After I’m done with these “Alpha Series”, I’ll going to write the Jamaa history. AJHQ wasn’t really clear on it, maybe I’ll try to patch things up by writing what wasn’t clear and what wasn’t thoroughly mentioned.

    • Yes, but I think she wouldn’t get it even if she heard the story :/ shes older than me, and she dosen’t really get those stories, you know?

      Ok! That sounds fun. It is a little vauge..
      what I don’t like is how the other alphas (like deers and dolphins, etc.) are just “not important” and they are not even included. I want to make stories about them, too!

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