Ants Again!

Hiya! Today’s update… IN ANIMAL JAM!

Stop being elated, me. Anyway, it’s Saturday!
Another thing I should be elated that I’m elated…

Daily Explorer:

AJ ACADEMY – Finger Soccer

Want to bring the soccer World Cup to your home? Visit Animal Jam Academy for the directions to make this tabletop soccer set that you can play with your buddies!

Today kicks off the second stage of matches in Rio de Janeiro! Did your favorite team make the cut?

Okay, I’ll leave one!
Or not?
My comment went in the Daily Explorer, saying: 


I always try to watch as much Brady Barr’s videos!

Jam on and play wild!

 June 27, 2014 at 6:32 am
Apparently, AJHQ don’t allow us to sign our blog names up!
New Item(s):
Or should I thank AJHQ?
This makes me remember a song I heard when I was a kid:
The ants are marching one by one
Yeah. Some “ant” song…
Truthfully, this video isn’t saying much. Look:

CREATURE FEATURE – Leafcutter Ants



Dr. Brady Barr finds a trail of leafcutter ants in this week’s Creature Feature.

Because they carry cut leaves above their heads like little umbrellas, leafcutter ants are also known as parasol ants. And did you know that a leafcutter ant can carry almost ten times its own weight? That would be like the average eight-year-old carrying a cow!

Leafcutter ants carry the leaf pieces they cut back to their underground nests. The leaves are chewed into a pulp, and afterwards a special fungus grows on them. The leafcutter ants use this fungus, not the leaves, as a crop for their colony to eat!

You can also think of these ants as little farmers with five different jobs: foragers, gardeners, choppers, tiny ants that distribute leaf bits to the fungus, and even smaller ants called minimae that tend to the fungus.

Animal Jam HQ


It was published before in the Daily Explorer!

Chapter 3- Sir Gilbert
Part 1- The Last Tiger
    Gilbert looked up to the sky. Out loud, he wondered, “What does it feel to be a cloud? Drifting, wandering across the brilliant blue sky? Then, when the cloud threatens to cry, rain shall pour. What does it feel like?”
    Little Gilbert felt the grass brush his fur. “To be a blade of grass. To be unable to move. Sooner or later, an animal would munch it up. Would it be good to be a blade of grass?”
    Suddenly, he heard a heavy pant beside him. “Gilbert! Hurry! We have to go!” cried a male’s voice beside him.
    Gilbert snapped out from his day dreaming. He heard the firm seriousness in the voice. He knew it was no time to daydream or to delay. He got up and faced the tiger who spoke to him. The tigers look similar to each other. Both with orange and cream fur with blue stripes.
    “Dad, what’s happening?” asked Gilbert. He was running alongside with his father. He was running at a quick speed. To outrun something he didn’t know.
    The tiger replied, “Phantoms. Phantoms are coming. I’ve sent the others ahead already.”
    “P-phantoms?” stammered Gilbert.
    As he spoke, the bushes rustled. From the shadows of the bush, phantoms emerged. Gilbert suppressed a yelp. His father yell, “Go! Go! Go!”
    Gilbert was reluctant to leave his father, but if he actually disobeyed him, he would be disobeying the tiger chief. He ran ahead as his father roared in defiance. Gilbert’s heart pounded. His sweat rolled down his cheeks. Without warning, a phantom appeared before him. Gilbert whimpered and backed away.
    “Gilbert! Watch out!” cried a familiar voice. A tiger leaped out, pushing Gilbert aside. His father came out of the bushes. The phantom charged, so did Gilbert’s father. Then, Gilbert saw the phantom disappear into black dust. His father was sprawled on the ground.
    “Father!”  called Gilbert. “Dad!” He shook the cold body. Gilbert held his paw over to his father’s chest. It was still. The body was nothing more that lifeless.
    All he know, he was alone.
That’s all for now. Bye!
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Jam on!

4 comments on “Ants Again!

  1. some people don’t know that they can’t “become an Alpha” or “beat the game and become an Alpha” AND some people just don’t get clans. :/ WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO. I READ THE BOOKS SO I SHOULD KNOW. UGHHHHHHHHHH

    And .. AJ should have this – when new jammers come,a story book would spread out, the book should open with a soft clunk, and from the pages, a narrator speaks the story of Jamaa. Liza would then go on a quick boat ride going to Jamaa and answering questions you may have, then you land by the Mira statue and Liza explains the colors and all that.


    • True, since now the new Jammers neglect the beautiful history of Jamaa. I didn’t know it too before, even when I started at 2010! Finally, when I learned it, I try to come up with these stories answering to one huge file of mystery: who are the Alphas, where from the “far-away land” do they come from, how did they become Alphas?

      My stories are only opinions, beliefs and theories. Make up one too and let’s spread the ancient spirit of Jamaa- the true Jamaasian/Jammer spirit!

      • yes – I think the only good part about AJ not explaining it is we jammers get to make up our own unique stories. I actually made a lot of stories (in my “stories” section of my blog) about the alphas and jammers 🙂
        I like to clear up the mysteries, too. For example, I don’t like how Zios apparently died, so I changed it around and made it so his identity was revealed (since he always wears a mask)
        – you read that story 🙂

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