Freedom of the Foxes

Hi! Today is a Sunday, which I suppose there’s no celebration here by my blog. Don’t forget to answer my quiz: Which party was released on 2012 and was never released again ever since? It’s due on 1 July 2014.

The Daily Explorer wants us to say hello to this new post:
Well, another re-Hello! It’s posting the same thing again! The previous post disappeared and- BOOM!- appeared for 29 June 2014!

JAMMER TIP – Freedom Party

You’re invited to the Freedom Party, in honor of Freedom Day in Jamaa!
Located on a beautiful hill in the twilight hours of the day, the Freedom Party is filled with great buddies, cool Freedom items, and an amazing fireworks show!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at all the awesome fireworks at the Freedom Party!

Don’t forget to send in your JAMMER SNAPS! Today is the last day for the group shot!
Animal Jam HQ

Umm… I need someone to explain why this keep happenings. Was it because they posted twice last time? I have no idea!
New Items!
Who don’t love Fox Hats?
[Credits goes to Sky Blog ( since I can’t catch the Freedom Party!]
Yay! Thanks, AJHQ, for this new Fox Hat. I’ll catch that party and buy some!
New stamps! I wanted to post them up before, but the blog wouldn’t allow me to. 
Not to mention “new”-styled plushies by the Summer Carnival! In honour of “Freedom Day”, which I have no idea of except that it’s on 4th of July to celebrate independence of USA. If it’s wrong, tell me. I have more to learn of American culture.
I’ll just put up one page. The one with the kitty because it’s so adorable!
Chapter 3- Sir Gilbert
Part 2- Twenty-Seven Years Later
    Sir Gilbert- that was what he was called. He aced every battle against phantoms. Despite he was all grown and all powerful, he could not stop to wonder what it feels like to be another animal or another thing. He knew rabbits hopped, but he wondered what it feels like to run in a zig-zag pattern when an eagle tries to capture them. Or what does it feel like, when you’re a wolf and the rain wet your fur? Does it feel the same like a tiger’s fur would when it gets wet?
    ‘Sir Curiosity’ was Sir Gilbert’s nickname given to him by his allies. His allies were five animals. A white tiger named Doctor Cottontail, a yellow tiger with orange stripes named Precious Sunnytiger, a dark purple tiger named Magical Thetemple, a black and grey tiger named Emperor Vonpaws and a sky blue tiger named Daredevil Firststone. They all got separated after the phantom attack and found each other. The five grew up together and avenged the dead tigers by defeating phantoms.
    One day, Sir Gilbert saw a bunny strode by. Immediately, he pounced on the bunny, it’s fur as white as snow, as silky as the finest silk. “Tell me, bunny. What does it feel like when your fur is wet?” he asked, his eyes full of curiosity.
    The bunny’s eyes weren’t directed to the eyes, which were begging for answers. The bunny’s eyes were staring to Sir Gilbert’s sharp claws, his menacing look. “L-let m-me go,” stuttered the bunny.
    Sir Gilbert was dismayed, but let the bunny go. For years, that was the only answer he got from bunnies.
    Precious came over to Sir Gilbert. “Is curiosity so important to you?” she asked. “Then come. Follow me.”
    Precious sounded different, even her skin sparkled blue, but Sir Gilbert’s curious nature couldn’t resist the temptation to know more. The two walked miles and miles. Suddenly, Precious disappeared in a vapour of blue. Before him, Sir Gilbert now see some sort of temple. The ground was rough and some pebbles were onto it. He wanted to get through, hoping that Precious might be at the other side. Instead, a wolf was on his way. Oddly, Sir Gilbert did not pounce. Maybe it was because of those cold eyes… with a hint of being betrayed. Although those cold eyes were not directed to him, Sir Gilbert felt it bore right to his skin.
If you’re wondering: Why is this person repeating the same story over and over again?
I’m not wasting your time. I’m writing it in different perspectives. Okay? No hate please. Direct all your hatred to the phantoms.
I’ll sign off here:
Play Wild!

14 comments on “Freedom of the Foxes

  1. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    Oh. I think I know the answer to the party quiz question! Do I say it here? I don’t want to ruin it or anything. idk. xD

    I finally went to the Freedom Party. =P There were these arctic wolves chanting about bacon, and… wait nvm. XD

    Cool story! Now Sir Gilbert’s turn in the spotlight. 😀
    Last post of it reminded me of Lion King- when Simba finds Mufasa dead. 😥
    But I enjoyed reading it though!

  2. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    Ok. So I think the answer is:
    The 2012 Leap Year Party (the only year on AJ that had celebrated the Leap Year).

  3. FOX HATS. I was like. OK, NO RARES!!!! XD

    • hMM. ACTUALLY I THINK I AM NOTICING THE SMALL DIFFERENCES in your story, SO ITS NOT EXACTLY A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE…. WOULDN’T it be something like “we called Sir.Gilbert Sir.Curiosity after his inquisitive nature and hunt for wisdom,” or something? Oh sorry about the caps. I talk in it just because its fun :p

      • I’m using Third-Person’s Perspective (Third-Person’s-Point-of-View). It’s like we see them with our eyes, but we’re following different peoples/animals. Like when we “stalk” Liza, we saw this and that, when we followed Greely, we saw this and this. Third-person’s view is fun to use! I write most of my story in third-person’s view.

        If you want the story to be more emotional, I’ll write my next type of stories in first-person’s view, then! If possible… and if I’m comfortable with it writing a certain story.

      • @Rainbow
        I’m sorry, Because your stories are actually different, but I was confused/only read those two, and because only two of your stories were almost the same I was like “huh?”, but I really love how you are putting it in first person, now!

        But it is fine if you use whatever point of view in your stories, they are yours, and good no matter what 🙂

      • They’re all in third-person.

        First person is using “I”, “We”, “us”


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