1st of July

Hi! Today is first of July. For Canadians, 

                              Happy Canada Day!
I can’t make “Canada” white or it’ll disappear. July is probably my favourite month! Anyway, our updates are here…
I wanted to post this ever since, but I keep forgetting!
ngk2015 for 1000 gems. (1K/1,000/one thousand gems)
Daily Explorer:
A video! Here:




Dr. Brady Barr visits his daughter’s school for a terrapin Head Start program!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between turtles, tortoises, and terrapins? They all look similar, don’t they? The main differences that they have adapted are for their environments, although they are all reptiles.

Tortoises have adapted to spend all of their time on land, mostly deserts, and are some of the largest species of turtles. Terrapins live in the brackish water (water that has more salt than fresh water, but not as much as seawater) of coastal areas. Turtles like to live anywhere warm and can be found in forests, fields, oceans and even your backyard!

Did you know the turtle family is the oldest of all the living reptiles? They first appear in the fossil record over 200 million years ago!
Animal Jam HQ

New Item:
I love this gemstone! The Ruby Gemstone is back in the Epic Wonders! Isn’t that cool?
I just LOVE rubies! Great! I got it GLINTING in the magical light of the Epic Wonders!
Clearance soon:
Lantern (Outback Imports)
Chapter 3- Sir Gilbert
Part 3- The Argument
    The wolf was drinking water from a nearby stream. Afraid the wolf might take a long time, he said, “Pardon me, sire, I have to get through.”
    The wolf just lapped more water to drink. It seems like he didn’t hear. Once again, Sir Gilbert said, “Pardon me, sire. I really have to get through. Please move aside.”
    The wolf looked up and looked at him eye-to-eye. Even as a warrior, he felt like trembling at the cold stare he was given. “I am trying to have a drink here,” snapped the wolf.
    Sir Gilbert realised he had been harsh on the wolf who was harsh on him. “I-I’m sorry,” stuttered Sir Gilbert, apologising. “Still, have you not drank enough?”
    The wolf retorted, “If you want to pass, then wait.” He bent down to drink again.
    Sir Gilbert waited patiently. His father had told him it was best to be polite and be a tiger with manners. After some moments, the wolf was done. Sir Gilbert could not hold back a comment, “Finally.”
    “Excuse me?” growled the wolf.
    Then, an argument started. Sir Gilbert despised the wolf, who was arrogant when he was polite. The wolf boasted about himself. Unable to hold back, Sir Gilbert boasted back about his noble deeds to see who was better. They bickered about many things- who was the better one, who was braver, who was more worthy. It ended up being like a harsh debate, but a panda appeared, and said, “Hi! I’m Liza. Who are you all?”
    He replied, “I’m Sir Gilbert. I came from a far-away land.”
    There was a koala. He held a staff. “I’m Cosmo. Please agree with me plants are better than machines!” the koala pleaded.
    A monkey shook his head, standing beside the koala. “I’m Graham. Please agree with me that machines are the best,” he chuckled.
    The wolf did not reply the panda’s question. She started to ask again, “Wolf, who are-“
    Sir Gilbert was about to persuade the wolf to tell his name so that it would be polite to the panda, but the wolf’s ears suddenly perked upwards. “Do you hear that?” he growled. “I hear scuffling and dust being patted. I hear sparks of electricity. I hear sounds familiar. I hear sounds like a tiger’s sneaky walk. I hear… weird sounds. I think I know what this means. It’s a battle.”
    Sir Gilbert was truly offended by his words. He tried to send back a stare as cold as the one the wolf had given. Liza gasped, “Oh no! To destroy the serenity of this land?”
    “We must fight back,” Sir Gilbert proclaimed, still glaring. “We must protect this land.”
    Liza shook her head. “That will mean war,” she said.
    “True, but what other methods do we have?” asked Cosmo.
    The wolf thought for a while, then said, “We can fight. We can fight not here. We can fight there. By where the danger lurks.
    Sir Gilbert laughed. “To trust you? Unlikely!” he cried. Of course not! He was bickering with the wolf, thus creating a bond of hatred and dislike between each other.
    To Sir Gilbert’s disappointment, Liza nodded. “The wolf’s right. We’ll bring war to those who wants war.”
    Sir Gilbert thought that his jaw would drop. That was one of the worst decision he had ever heard. Ever in the whole battle plan. Plus, who was the battle expert? Him.
    As the wolf slipped into shadows, Sir Gilbert wondered how the others ever even trusted him. It was impossible, like a skill to be mastered after a thousand millennia.
    The wolf had instructed, “We’re here. That phantom guard will change shifts in five minutes. Stand by, don’t make a noise.”
    Sir Gilbert snorted. The plan was ridiculous- the wolf shall find the entrance to the Phantom King, as being suspected to cause trouble. The others should try to do whatever necessary to avoid being captured. Sir Gilbert rolled his eyes thinking about the plan everyone agreed.
    Of course, none of the phantoms noticed. When the wolf finally returned after what seems like forever, a wild, angry gleam was on his eyes. “They’ve tricked us. The phantom attack occurs now. In that peaceful land…”
Today is supposedly an “A-Tuesday” and yesterday was “Q-Monday”, part of “Q&A-Days”. I forgot to remind you all, so no one asked. Anyway, I’ll ask myself a question:
Q: Why do you (me) run a blog about AJ?
A: It was one of my favourite online games that still exists until now, and I played it for a rather long time. I had another blog too, so I was like: why don’t I make another blog about Animal Jam? Here we are, blog and all.
Shout out:
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Wow! I got FIRST comment on the Daily Explorer!


  1. Jammer:

    Love this tie! Thanks, AJHQ!

    Log in to Reply June 30, 2014 at 5:14 am
    • Apparently, AJHQ don’t let us sign our names (user) or anything… That’s sad…
      My comment yesterday:


      1. sakuraimeiru:

        Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

        Love this tie! Thanks, AJHQ!


        Reply June 30, 2014 at 5:14 am
        See? The same! Except for the “~SakuraiMeiru”
        Why, AJHQ? You let us sign our comments before! Let’s fret about it next time when I rant about WordPress blogs.
        My “today’s” comment:


        1. sakuraimeiru:

          Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

          Thanks for all these information, Brady Barr!

          I always wonder about these… Now, you got it answered! =D

          Reply July 1, 2014 at 5:05 am
I might as well be a daily commenter of the Daily Explorer!
That’s all for today! Bye!
Jam on and stay safe!




One comment on “1st of July

  1. thanks for the code! 🙂 I’ll try to remember to use it.
    Thankies for posting my blog on yours!

    I love those gems 🙂 I collect ’em (so far I only have 4) on their little pedestals ..
    Wow – I love how Gilbert expresses his feelings that he dosen’t trust Greely, and how he his the battle expert here XD their personalities are so realistic! Great work!

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