Patched, Patched, Patched

Hi! What a day! I had a really great day today. I went to this bank-museum and there was like all sorts of cool and amazing money, coins and currency. There’s this west Java money, which is a coin, out of bamboo! Cool!

Sorry if I made you guys jealous. I’m sorry for the late post, again! Anyway, today’s update…
Daily Explorer:

AJ ACADEMY – Soccer Uniforms

July 5, 2014 Category: AJ Academy

We’re now entering the final round of the 2014 World Cup! Did your favorite team make it to the finals?

While you’re waiting for the match to start, ask your parent’s permission, and download some of our soccer pages from Animal Jam Academy! You can color the uniforms, or kits, with the colors of your favorite team.

The FIFA World Cup of soccer is played every four years. The next World Cup will be in 2018 and matches will be played in Russia!

Don’t forget to get your soccer-themed den items from Jam Mart Furniture in Jamaa Township!

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Animal Jam Academy:
New Item:

Patched it is then. With yesterday’s patched chair, patched rug and patched hat, it’s a patched collection!
Soon cleared:
Shadow Garden (Epic Wonders)
Phantom Shirt (Jam Mart Clothing)
Elf Armour (Jam Mart Clothing)
Elf Helmet (Jam Mart Clothing)
Tea Cup (Jam Mart Furniture)
Tea Pots (Jam Mart Furniture)
Chapter 3- Sir Gilbert
Part 4- Crystal Sands
    The sands were crystal-like, white and pure. A stream ran between the land that went into the sea. Sir Gilbert began to wonder how fresh water turn salty when it enters the sea. There was a hut he placed at the left side of the beach. He built in in honour of his father- Captain Melville, even if his name was unlike others of the streak. He invited all the five tigers to the land to live.
    “Sir Gilbert! Are you okay?” Precious Sunnytiger asked. “We were worried.”
    Sir Gilbert wasn’t sure we applied. Daredevil and Magical didn’t look interested in Sir Gilbert at all. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Thank you,” said the polite tiger.
    So they lived-
    No, scratched that. They all strived in the peaceful land and went on short trips no one noticed to find other tigers.
    Probably, the tigers are the best warriors in the land due to the fact the six fought phantoms before. At least those six. Sir Gilbert had never guided an adventure before, but he sure will some day.
I apologise that if my post became messy. I’ll end my post here. Bye!
P.S. Comment what’s your favourite story genre!

4 comments on “Patched, Patched, Patched

  1. Hai! What a long post O.O Great blog btw *^^* I’m holding a giveaway at mine, mind checking it out?

  2. YEP, totally “In”
    do you think anyone will buy it? >:)

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