Rare Samurai Helmet

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RIM – Rare Samurai Helmet

July 7, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday

Did you know that there are female samurai? They’re called “Onna-Bugeisha” (ew-na-boo-gee-sha) and were about one-third of this type of warrior in ancient Japan. The Onna-Bugeisha were intensively trained in strategy and marshal arts and fought alongside their male counterparts. They used a sword called a “naginata” that was light and versatile.

For this RARE ITEM MONDAY you may complete or enhance your set of Samurai Armor with this murasaki (Japanese for purple) Rare Samurai Helmet.
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Cool item! Cool facts too!
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New item:
I wasn’t allowed on, so I’ll just grab a picture…

Well, got this from thejamaamist.blogspot.com
I just love the colour!
Chapter 4- Graham
Part 2- Machinery Against Nature
    When Graham open his eyes, he was in another world. Some animals were around, but they were all arguing. Graham looked around. “Huh,” he complained. “No machines?”
    “Then that’s perfect! Nature is fantastic!” a voice exclaimed. Graham turned back to see a koala with a staff.
    Graham looked at the koala. “Just who the blazes are you?”
    “I’m Cosmo, I’m a koala. I’m going to fend plants against horrible machines of yours!” the koala cried.
    Graham gritted his teeth. “I’m Graham, and I’m never going to let a weed take over my life!”
    “Where you get your air now are from these beauties of nature!” the koala started. “Where else do you get such delish fruits and juices?”
    Graham started, “Machines helps everything to become easier! Like collecting fruits!”
    The debate of machines and plants seemed like to go on forever, but a panda destroyed ‘forever’. The panda said, “Hi! I’m Liza. Who are you all?”
    A tiger Graham never noticed and saw replied, “I’m Sir Gilbert. I came from a far-away land.”
    “I’m Cosmo. Please agree with me plants are better than machines!” the koala pleaded.
    Graham shook his head, standing beside the koala. “I’m Graham. Please agree with me that machines are the best,” he chuckled.
    The wolf did not reply the panda’s question. She started to ask again, “Wolf, who are-“
    Suddenly, the wolf’s ears suddenly perked upwards. “Do you hear that?” he growled. “I hear scuffling and dust being patted. I hear sparks of electricity. I hear sounds familiar. I hear sounds like a tiger’s sneaky walk. I hear… weird sounds. I think I know what this means. It’s a battle.”
    Liza gasped, “Oh no! To destroy the serenity of this land?”
    “We must fight back,” Sir Gilbert proclaimed. “We must protect this land.”
    Liza shook her head. “That will mean war,” she said.
    “True, but what other methods do we have?” asked Cosmo.
    War? Graham was alert. Do they need some cool machines? Load some machine with nuts and turn the crank. Nuts will fly to their enemy! Do they need cool contraptions? Maybe a slingshot or a catapult!
    The wolf’s voice interrupted his thoughts, “We can fight. We can fight not here. We can fight there. By where the danger lurks.
    Sir Gilbert laughed. “To trust you? Unlikely!” he cried.
    Liza nodded. “The wolf’s right. We’ll bring war to those who wants war.”
    As the wolf slipped into shadows. The wolf had instructed, “We’re here. That phantom guard will change shifts in five minutes. Stand by, don’t make a noise.”
    The others should try to do whatever necessary to avoid being captured. Meanwhile, Graham talked to the koala. Graham joked, “Why are rats famous?”
    Cosmo asked, “Is it since they are everywhere?”
    “Nope!” Graham cried.
    “I give up.”
    Graham chuckled softly. “It’s because rats flipped makes star! Get it? A famous star like your chief, since he’s famous among your tribe!”
    “Now that’s funny!”
    Slowly, the two became friends. Of course, none of the phantoms noticed. When the wolf finally returned after what seems like forever, a wild, angry gleam was on his eyes. “They’ve tricked us. The phantom attack occurs now. In that peaceful land…”
That’s my star joke over there!
I’ll end my post here. Bye!
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    Anyway, I did read this post on my phone (but commenting is confusing on there)

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