Adventure Umbrella

Sunday… I’m going to school tomorrow! My holiday ended already? Oh, why???

Sorry for the drama and late post. I had dinner outside…

Anyway, let’s check what the Daily Explorer have to say:


July 13, 2014 Category: Jamaa Adventures

The PHANTOM FACTORY is polluting the oceans, and there are rumors that the phantoms have CAPTURED A VERY IMPORTANT ANIMAL!

Find out if you have what it takes to explore the dark deep in Jamaa’s NEWEST OCEAN ADVENTURE!
Animal Jam HQ

Short article… I thought Liza signs for Adventures. Is this saying the same as the Jamaa Journal?
See? The same text!
AJHQ Replies:

May I ask what is the purpose of this amazing commenting system?

Reply July 12, 2014 at 7:38 am
  • AJHQ:

    It’s just another way for Jammers to speak with each other!

    July 12, 2014 at 11:27 am
That explains! Or is it another way to send AJHQ feedbacks?
New Items:
Umbrella Hat
I’ve been thinking about Flying Umbrellas since I was young. Hehehe…
Chapter 4- Graham
Part 4- The Temple of Zios
    Before the two decorated the place, the two read history books of Jamaa. They learned Mira was the blue bird who lost her companion, Zios. To please Cosmo, Graham allowed him to let plants crawl over the place. Graham placed a statue of a monkey as a temporary joke.
    Graham and Zios let Mira invite a human to teach others in a lab. The two animals- now Alphas- made a chamber. There was a secret trapdoor where the two work together. For days, they worked on making the mask of Zios. They learned that Zios’s mask dropped as he fought the Phantoms, causing Mira to think he’s dead. In grief, she collected the mask for her memories.
    Soon, there was a quiz place and the two Alphas made a pit. With Graham’s power of technology, he made a projector that allowed Phantoms to be projected when animals sleep around the pit. They placed the mask in the pit. The mask was connected to the projector and the mask had sensors that-
    Cosmo interrupted his thoughts. “They’re here,” he said.
    His monkey fellows came. Koalas came alongside too. Together, they all lived in Jamaa. If you’re lucky, you might see the two good friends emerging from the trap door in the Chamber of Knowledge, where one can learn more than enough.
    About the portal? Graham finally invented it and introduced it to Jamaa. He was truly proud of his invention. The one he created when he was young, even if it didn’t work just yet.
I’ll end my post here new. Bye!
P.S. There’s this video, but I can’t upload it’s picture…

One comment on “Adventure Umbrella

  1. You’re going to school tommorow?!!
    Well, have a great first day! 🙂
    Flying umbrellas… makes me think of a certain someone named Mary Poppins 😀
    Of course, references to books are necessary XD

    Hee hee, but actually made me think of My Little Pony that episode where they wore those silly hats 🙂 I bought one just so I could pretend to be a crazy pony 😛

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