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Hi! I finally finished Orange Blossom and got them all into my device. My scanner won’t work. Here’s my art:



An angel who’s favourite colour is black.


About Shade:

    Shade is an angel who’s very quiet. She’s shy and she is a bookworm, although you can’t see it by just looking at her. She’s very friendly and angelic when you talk to her. She is more to herself.

    Her hair is purple, her eyes are grey. She wears a white shirt and black cardigan, which she only button one button. She wears a mini skirt and black flats accompanied by white socks. Shade owns huge grew angel wings and a black halo.




IMG_00000452       Nyx is a dark one, also as a ‘devil’ in CIeverQueen’s series I made. Her theme colour is black. I’m sorry it’s a little but blurry. Anyway, she’s very fun going and she is happy-go-lucky. She likes to stick to her casual clothing. She takes things very lightly.

    Nyx owns silvery-grey-black hair. Her eyes are ice blue. She wears a brown shirt and grey-brown-black pleated skirt. Her boots are heeled and they are black with grey cuffs. She owns black horns, bat wings and tail.




Orange Blossom:





    Orange Blossom is an angel who takes her studies seriously. She is one of the dare-devilish type. Her theme is orange. Her favourite food is, obviously, orange! Orange Blossom is a fun-loving person who also love flowers. She is a curious girl.

    Orange Blossom owns short, spiky orange hair. Her eyes are emerald green. Her dress is out of various shades of orange. She wears brown heeled boots. Her halo is orange and her wings are orange and vermillion. 








    Topaz is a dark one. Her theme colour is orange. Topaz loves to sing. Besides singing, she likes to dance. The place you would find her is probably at the karoke station. She is very fashionable and she loves to get the latest updates of clothing. Topaz is very socialised and she have a vast variety of friends.

    Topaz owns short spiky hair. Some strands of hair are orange and some are yellow. Her eyes are emerald green. Topaz wears a long sleeved dress with bell-sleeves and vermillion-orange petal-like skirt. She wears a yellow-gold belt around her waist. She wears a necklace with a blue flower charm. Her boots are short and brown heeled-ones. Her bat wings are large and leathery. Her owns a pair of black horns and a black tail.




Thanks for reading. Hope you like it, CIeverQueen! I colour really messy…


4 comments on “For

  1. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    Whoa, Rainbow. You drew all of these.? They’re pretty good! Me likey. *o*

  2. I like them, too! 😀

  3. CleverQueen says:

    They are great! Thanks so much! I will make a few small changes when I re-draw them, but otherwise, they are really good! Don’t worry, your colouring is fine ^-^
    I didn’t mention that the angel wings are much smaller for the angels except Lily,but I only put that in place AFTER I drew Rose so I will need to explain her wings now xD
    I will just need to make a few changes to the angel wings- although I sometimes use the style you used for this series I will need to use the one you can see on Lily and Rose.
    Thanks!! 😀
    I put your art up on the art page of my blog, and your characters will make their way into the story at some point ^-^

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