Rare Replies and Small Rant…?

Hiya! Tomorrow is a BIG day here, so it’s a holiday and it may be dangerous… Anyway, let’s check the updates!

Daily Explorer:

RIM – Rare Nautilus Necklace

July 21, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday

It is another glorious Rare Item Monday in Jamaa! We offer you this Rare Nautilus Necklace to wear during your ocean adventures.

The nautilus is a sometimes referred to as a living fossil because they have survived for millions of years with little evolution. The nautilus looks a little like a cuttle fish that lives in a shell, except with many more tentacles. The nautilus can have up to 90 tentacles!

Nautili also have unique, multi-chambered shells that they use to help them dive and rise through distances of up to 800 feet (244 m). There are few animals that are able to withstand the intense pressure changes of going from the shallows to the deeps of the ocean.
Animal Jam HQ

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Cool! Look at the rock!
Rock: -Ascends, ascends, ascends, ascends, descends, descends, descends, descends-
AJHQ Replies:

Exactly why is the JAMAALIDAY JAM appearing in the middle of july?

Reply July 20, 2014 at 10:00 am
  • AJHQ:

    Why not?

    July 20, 2014 at 1:16 pm
  • naturelover4eva:

    (gets idea why jamaaliday jam appears in the middle of July) MAYBE CUZ PPL GET REALLY HOT ON AJ XDXDXDXDXD >:D

    July 20, 2014 at 4:12 pm
  • animalfairy1234:

    It’s winter in some places, plus its hot out so why not bring the cold in?

    July 20, 2014 at 4:21 pm
From all the similar questions, AJHQ only answer this one… They didn’t even really reply. Ever tried reading my comment above, Jammers?

That picture is so adorable!

A gift for those in the Southern Hemisphere!

Reply July 20, 2014 at 5:02 am
Context clues, every Jammer! What does it mean? “A gift for Southern Hemisphere”? Go figure.
Everyone keep saying the Jamaaliday in July is a coincidence, weird, crazy, they are even feeling angry, some happy for the party and maybe the items, and mostly elated and confused, and someone stole my answer!

To answer EVERYBODY’S question, it is winter in the southern hemisphere! Its as weird is us having Jamaalidays in their July!

Reply July 20, 2014 at 2:15 pm
At least someone reads previous comments! The Jammer still thinks it’s weird, so it’s definitely identified that this Jammer copied answers! I mean, I know there’s Summer in the Southern Hemisphere because I learned about hemispheres. That’s pretty much why… I don’t find it weird. Do you?
Someone thought it was a glitch:
  1. boxy1:

    Was this originally a glitch? It seems you’ve made it official though, I wonder if it was on purpose or accident.

    Reply July 20, 2014 at 4:56 pm
Seriously? I try to force a laugh and it becomes a strangled voice. That’s no glitch, boxy, that’s reality that Winter’s still on Earth! Did you know Boxy was an eraser brand?
New Items:
Behold! The underwater Monday Rare!
Rare Nautilus Necklace.
I will give this as an offering to Tavie if I could…
Chapter 6- Peck
Part 2- Phantom Art
    …a Phantom was there! Peck immediately jumped out, yelling, “Yaaaahhhh!” She threw the knife at the Phantom. The phantom’s eyes grew big and it dissolved into darkness. Peck picked up her sword, covered in Phantom Goop. “Cool! Phantom collectibles!”
    “You’re not keeping that… Especially when I’M here,” said a stern voice. Peck almost thought she heard laughing.
    Peck turned around. “Okay, mom. Then why can Clover keep some?”
    “She have a different mother. Your mother cares for you not to be attacked by Phantoms!” said Peck’s mom.
    Peck sighed. “Mom, can I go exploring with Clover tomorrow?”
    “Sure. Just don’t go to the uncharted Bunny Lands.”
    Peck sighed. The uncharted Bunny Lands are lands unknown to bunnies. The only land known to the bunnies is a small land. That’s all! Bunnies just don’t do exploring.
    “Alright, mom,” Peck said. Behind her back, she had her paw fingers crossed.
    Clover hopped ahead of Peck. “Mom just made me this new skirt for me. What do you think?” asked Clover.
    “A bit too girly,” said Peck, hopping.
    “Dad carved my little brother a Rocking Horse,” said Clover.
    “I’d like a Rocking Tiger. Or a Rocking Rhinoceros. A Rocking Rhinoceros would be cool! I mean, the cool pointy horn!” Peck’s voice was loud.
    Clover picked a wildflower. “That’d be great. I’d love it too. I like the shade of grey,” stated Clover. She tucked the flower above her ear.
    The forest was silent. “Whoooo…”
    “Did you say that, Peck?”
    “No,” said Peck.
    Fog rose.
    “Yes, Clover?”
    “I-is it m-me or t-this f-forest knows we’re here?” stuttered a terrified Clover.
    “I don’t know! I’d love to find out!” exclaimed Peck.
    “P-Peck. You think it’s s-safe?”
    Peck laughed. “It’s nothing, Clover. Do you want to be as cowardly as your cousin, Pumpkin?”
    “No.” Clover sounds determined.
    Then, a phantom buzzed from the bushes. Peck and Clover gave a little yelp, but managed to cage the phantom. “This cage is dull,” muttered Peck. She pulled out the brush and a few colours she brought everywhere. She started applying ultramarine paint onto the cage. She then painted lightning-like effects on the cage. Peck captured a thunderstorm perfectly.
    Clover look a few leaves and, with Peck, coloured them grey. Clover entwined vines and sticks through the holes of the cage and the leaves. “Perfect!” Clover exclaimed.
    Peck and Clover stood backwards. The leaves were like the clouds. The blue sky. The lightning.
Remember today is Q-Monday? Ask! One question per person!
Jam on!

6 comments on “Rare Replies and Small Rant…?

  1. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    Hehe. I like how you added the bunnies in the 1st land Adventure in ‘Peck’s view’ part of your story! Kewl. :3

    Based on your comment on the Daily Explorer, you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Cool then! c:

    ….. Wait, how is a holiday dangerous, again? Is everything alright? O.o

    • Thanks for the comment!
      Plus, no. I don’t live at the Southern Hemisphere, but I have been learning Humanities/SOSE for quite some time.

      About the holiday… You won’t understand a lot if I explain briefly. It’s from history ’till now. Everything would probably be fine. Just pray and get some cutter ready! >:D

      • Cutepups522 AJ says:

        Oh okay then. That’s cool. Yes, I was totally thinking of you when I said “Rare Rainbow”. XD ….. Okay, I’ll admit it! I was actually thinking about my last week’s RIM post! -le gasp- However, I just knew you would comment something like that. :B

        “get some cutter ready! >:D” ………………………….. Umm okie then. Have a great holiday, then! No problem about my commentaries. O3O

    • Hahaha… I just love rainbows.
      Thank you!

      Thanks for the wish!

  2. I think what they mean is that the people in the southeren hemisphere having summer parties is weird for them, and jamaaholidays being normal!

    • Anyway, I’ll try to do longer comments and less smileys. 😀
      I like how in your story that Peck is so mischievous that it helps to explain her personality (see. I’m being serious for once XD) Rainbow ~ I have to giggle a little though. You’re so serious when it comes to commenting on the AJ blog :3 (hee hee. dont mean to offend) And I think maybe he was trying to say that maybe AJ accidentally put up the Jamaaholiday Jam Party (even though most likely no) XD NOW IM arguing against YOU uh…

      @ you guys up there that commented before me 😉
      what you crazies doing up there? XD

      But really, I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting as much. I get distracted so easily! (As I probably mentioned before)

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