Before I do my update, I’d like to add something…

Today’s Art Gallery Featured:


Phantoms- probably the easiest thing to draw…



The first row picture, after the Jammer spoke the last speech bubble, I got scared and went to Jamaa Township. I heard doubling items aren’t allowed. Is that doubling?

misstuki never showed up by her den. I’m actually disappointed. I wanted a SideKix Plushie- in real life and/or in Animal Jam. Too bad she logged off.

Taken TODAY:


First ‘comic’ row:

Seeing it, I expected a scam. Look at that! I’ve been locked out!

People actually trusted that Jammer. Once covey got what she/he wanted, he/she accepted it and locked his/her den.

One harmed.

For the ‘I got scammed’ fox, he/she claimed to loose all his/her den items, but I suspected that the Jammer stored all his/her den items.


Can you trust them?

So many people at Julian2’s den wanting us to trust them. Well, they didn’t accept mine, probably because I only offered a Tree House.

That’s all for now!


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