Misty and Adele

A small picture of Misty and Adele for greatshot. She’s a great writer! Why not check out her new series: animalscanbend2.blogspot.com


How did I find her blog? Well, thejamaamist.blogspot.com recommended her first series to us, and I checked it out. Apparently, it was done, and she started a new one. I’m a “beginner” in the story, so I lack knowledge about the story. Thankfully, greatshot helps me up with the information. 

Anyway, here’s the picture!




Hope you like it, greatshot! I’m sorry about the colouring. I lack the skill for that!

Misty and Adele belongs to greatshot. I do not own them.


P.S. For today’s update, scroll down!


One comment on “Misty and Adele

  1. UGHH I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT BEING ON IN SO LONG! i have been totally and utterly distracted. I really love your picture! 🙂 I’ll look at that blog when i get out from my “phases” so sorry rainbow! 😦

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