Wednesday Update?

Hi! Today is Wednesday and let’s hope for the best!


Daily Explorer:

Two please!



CREATURE FEATURE – Carnivorous Plants



Dr. Brady Barr finds a carnivorous pitcher plant in southwest China!

There are about 630 species of carnivorous plants that use one of five basic methods of trapping their prey.

Pitcher plants, like the ones in the video above, use pitfall traps to trap prey in a rolled leaf that they can’t escape. Flypaper traps are super sticky. Snap traps shut tight on foolish insects. Bladder traps suck in prey like a vacuum. Finally, lobster-pot traps have hairs that can only be walked on one way, towards the stomach!


AJHQ NEWS – Animal Jam: Official Insiders Guide

July 22, 2014 Category: AJ Guide,AJHQ News

The ANIMAL JAM: OFFICIAL INSIDER’S GUIDE has arrived! It’s filled with hundreds of pages of SECRETS, TIPS, FACTS, PHOTOS, STORIES, and so much more!

There’s always something new to explore in Jamaa and this is your ultimate guide, full of hints tips and tricks! The guide also features some history and lore of Jamaa, the Alphas, advice on which animal to become, quizzes games and more!

Are you an Animal Jam Insider?

Find the ANIMAL JAM: OFFICIAL INSIDER’S GUIDE at your local Barnes and Noble or online at!
Animal Jam HQ





JAMMER TIP – Accessory Contest Winner

Congratulations to Pouncing Fieryspirit for their winning submission to the Design Your Own Accessory Contest!

They sent us this jaunty little neckerchief, also called a bandana – and now officially a Ribbon Scarf, available to all Jammers!
Animal Jam HQ


Apparently, there’s three for today!


AJHQ Replies:

Ehh… can’t find any temporarily!


New Items:

Update day! Wait! Isn’t today WEDNESDAY?


Rhinos brought back something after all!

What a paw-some scarf!
I’d love to see a Mira Necklace appear though…

I hope I can get it!

Wow…! It’s been sometime since AJHQ asked us to vote. They asked us to vote on what to appear on The Claw before, and the T-Shirt designs…
I think I’ll choose the Egyptian one! They all sound GREAT!

Winning and new:
Nice scarf! The Candy Necklace looks like that it’s half corn-candy and the round ones remind me of the one in Cut the Rope.
 Tierney’s Theater provided us a new movie!
With waves, right?
There’s some new loading screen, I’ll take them up later!


Wild Wednesday:

Ehh… Sorry! I’m a bit busy, so I’ll skip this. My apologies! Tomorrow is Flag Facts Day!


Jam on!



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  1. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    Cool! 🙂

  2. wheeee

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