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AJHQ+A – Jellies



Incredible Tinybeast wants to know “can jellyfish sting themselves?” Dr. Tierney Thys gives us the answer in this week’s AJHQ+A.

Did you know that you may even find jellies in fresh water? The jellyfish species C. sowerbii, likes calm fresh water reservoirs, lakes, and slow moving rivers.

C. Sowerbiis can be found throughout the world and have been found in almost every US state with the exception of six: Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, or South Dakota. C. Sowerbiis have even been found in India, Russia, Canada, Argentina and Brazil!

These jellies only get to be about one inch (2.5 cm) in diameter but can have as many as 400 tentacles! They tend to be mostly translucent with a whitish or greenish tinge. This particular species really likes the warm weather and is more commonly reported when summers have higher temperatures than usual.

If you’re having a hotter-than-usual summer in your corner of the world, keep an eye out for the C. Sowerbii jellies!
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The Australian Flag consists of three parts set on a blue field. The first part is the Union Jack, illustrating the link with Britain. The second aspect is the Southern Cross, representing Australia. Finally, the Commonwealth Star represents Australia’s federal system. Originally, the Commonwealth Star had six points (for the six states), but, in 1908 a seventh point was added to represent the territories of the Commonwealth.


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