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Hi! Today is… Saturday, yes? Sorry about the late post! Anyway, to the updates:

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JAMMER TIP – Den Item Voting

July 26, 2014 Category: ContestDens,Jammer Tip

Have you voted for your favorite set of den items? Check the Jamaa Journal and click on the HAIR SALONICE CREAM PARLOR or EGYPTIAN TREASURE to help us decide which set of den items we should make next!Animal Jam HQ

Ice Cream Parlour place: Tree House
Hair Salon place: Restaurant (Den)
Egyptian Treasure place: Crystal Palace (with Blue Sky wallpaper)
AJHQ Replies:
I’m planning to remove this feature. What do you think?
New Items:
A wacky Summer Carnival Item:
Antlers! From the Epic Wonders!
A great addition to your male deer!
I can never catch that party too soon!
There is a new video in Tierney’s Theater…
About: The Legend of Jamaa
Warning 1: This story WAS modified by ME to make more sense
Warning 2: Romance will be involved
In a vast world, it was nothing but destruction. Very few survivors managed to crawl out from beneath each ruins. Then, suddenly, light shined down on the land. All those who survived looked up to the sky. They saw no animal, but only a mask. Behind the mask, there was nothing more than a golden-feathered bird. It’s feathers were glinting in the sunlight. He looked down at the poor ruins.
By his voice, it was identified he was a male. “I shall bestow this land a gift. Eons before, I created all this- planets, stars, land of peace and even gave you life. It seems like, then, nothing has changed. Greed is in us. For once, let us re-new this life,” he said.
As he spoke, a blue heron glittered before them all. The heron flew up to the skies, just before the mask and spread it’s glittery wings. The warmth of the sun spread through the land. Once again, they felt the feeling to be alive. Underneath, though, everything was still in destruction…
Jam on! Until tomorrow then!

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  1. huh. They’re staring to sell Beta-like items? 0-o

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