Tusk to the Mantis


A late post, I guess!

Anyway… Let’s check the Daily Explorer:


AJ ACADEMY – Food Chain

August 2, 2014 Category: AJ Academy


How much do you know about food chains? We use a lot of strange words that you may not know when we talk about animal behaviors.

Head over to Animal Jam Academy to boost your vocabulary and learn more about the food chain!

Only two people commented on the post yesterday. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get on my computer, so I got these pictures from OTHER BLOGS:
(All picture credits to animaljamskyblog.blogspot.com)
I wonder if there would be Sabre-Tooth Tiger Fangs?
Brady’s Theater….
Anyway, POEMS!
Acrostic poems!
Here’s a few short acrostic poem I recently written/typed. I hope you guys enjoy!
Magnificent protector
Incredibly loving and wise
Righteous and humble 
A name spread throughout Jamaa
Loving, friendly panda
In times of trouble, she guides
Zios’s wife’s chosen as
Alpha to protect Jamaa

One comment on “Tusk to the Mantis

  1. Hi rainbow! Sorry I have not been commenting lately.. I have been a little distracted and some sad lately.. 😦 I like your poems! Something new, I suppose?

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