Chair of Poems

Updates time!
Daily Explorer:
Late post! I’ll post it tomorrow then…
New Item:


Sir Gilbert

Striped tiger
Inside, there’s a warm heart
Righteous and brave
Gets less answers to satisfy his curiosity
In his heart, he wants to know more
Loves adventures
Became an Alpha
Especially smart and respectful
Rose to be famous by Mira
True and pure
Great warrior of the shadows
Really shady
Expects to win with stealth and surprise
Especially smart with unknown knowledge
Loved and feared by animals
Your wolf Alpha, chosen by Mira
That’s for today! Bye! Jam on!
Wait. What?
It’s getting frustrating…

5 comments on “Chair of Poems

  1. Are you going to rant about no ranting? Btw I decided to comment on blogs early in the morning, and try to do a post earlier too. Eh the chair is ok, and kind of reminds me of the bamboo fences.. I guess AJ likes themes! I can’t wait till there ‘official’ themed items come out, though! It’s gonna be so cool!! I miss Biamorawesome….. 😦

    • Me too… I wonder where she is. never saw her post anymore. Didn’t see her anywhere lately. Not even at the AJS (I try to not go there, actually. So not my type.)

      • Same. I used to go on there and comment ~ but I like tinyer blogs better you know?? Tiny close knit communities.. I also miss Cutepups a lot 😦
        I hope school is going well for you!

      • I’m still having my holidays… Hee hee hee…

        Cutepups still comment by your site. She updated about what she did by her blog. You might want to check it out!

        I am so not going to AJS again. They even changed the commenting system! Phooey! That is so the last straw.

        Why isn’t the Daily Explorer posting???

      • I don’t know.. They usually post in the afternoon..
        Ya it gets too crazy there.. But one time I actually became a top commenter lol!

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