Rare Pottery

Hi! I wasn’t allowed to be on Animal Jam, so I’m going to “borrow” some pictures from other blogs…

Daily Explorer:
New Items:
(All credits for “New Items” goes to animaljamskyblog.blogspot.com)
“The Rare Item Monday in the Conservation Museum is a Rare Monkey Hat….”
Monday strikes again! Let’s check out Monday rare!
Looks great! Whoop!
You think you can make a better rare?
Don’t question others’ actions!
Oh, I like the RARE CUPCAKE HAT! For how much? How odd…
The Cupcake Hat was sold for…
777 GEMS!

“The New Item in the Beta Party is a Beta Pink Jar…..”

I’d say, I didn’t go to the Beta Party again, so let’s check it out!
“Looks very Beta and Jamaasian, I like it!”
Hey! My turn to comment!
I was waiting for this cool piece of pottery here! I’m elated! EXCEPT, I could have been overjoyed IF it was Non-Members.


From the Aquarium…

How do Sea Stars eat?

From: Sarepia Theater…
“Wow, these dolphins look prehistoric!”
Talk about dinosaurs!
These are for my friends!
Who’s the dog lover around?
The name being whispered from skies to the ground
The story teller and a great friend
Even until this world comes to an end
She will be there for you
I’m sure we’ll all be there for her too
Can you guess who?
A her, I think so.
My reflexes are kind of slow… in realising…
The most dependant girl ever for a friend
Her interests in things never end
She have nothing to be ashamed of
She never thinks she her friends are enough
She’s kind, loving, considerate
Let’s hope she’ll have a good fate
Can you guess who?
This one is less obvious. The previous one is SO obvious.
Bye now, and…
Jam on!
P.S. Q-Monday! Any questions?

7 comments on “Rare Pottery

  1. Awww!!! I love your poems!! So sweet (: let me guess- first one is For Cutepups? Here let me give one to you:
    Soaring through the blue skies
    A new blogger will arise
    Kind, amazing, and very wise
    Always there
    When you despair
    A friend,
    Great and kind.

    😀 hey that actually was a coolio poem! But it was somewhat based off yours! Hee hee
    Will you be coming on AJ soon? I have something extra I need to give you (:

  2. Oh. I just found this post. Today. Wow.. x3 Hey, I had no access to the internet the day this was posted. So.. uh…

    Yeah. I guessed the first poem was for me before you announced it was for me. xD And thanks for the poem!

    Yay! 🙂

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