Hermit Crabs Again!

Hi! Today is the 6th of August! Updates! For Wednesday, I mean.

Daily Explorer:
Apparently, my Daily Explorer won’t load. Hip-hip-hooray! Yes, I am the queen of sarcasm. Fear me. Still being sarcastic.
New Items:
Whoop! All “New Items” pictures goes to animaljamskyblog.blogspot.com
Maybe I can get on Saturday? Hopefully!
Did you expect this?

With more creepy tiki-things on the feet of each chair!

“The New Video of the Day is in the Sarepia Theater…”

Aww! I want to see one for real. I mean, colour-changing lizards! Whoop!

Wild Wednesday:
Feelin’ kind of lazy today. Let’s make it quick! No pictures, sorry! I’m sure you know what a hermit crab looks like!
Hermit Crab
These adorable crabs with shells to carry. They’re so cute! I used to have a few as pets. Hermit crabs owns two claws, okay? One claw is larger, the left one. They can dig. Like most crabs. Or all?
Uhh… Anyway, hermit crabs are divided into two- land hermit crabs and marine hermit crabs. Hermit crabs will use ANYTHING to use as a shell. Even if it’s junk. When a land hermit crab chooses their shell, they poke the shell’s inside and they are very picky! Marine hermit crabs line up together. Biggest to the smallest. When the first crab have their shell changed, the old shell the hermit crab has will be used for the next one and so on.
That’s it! Jam on!
P.S. Sorry I couldn’t activate your comment just yet, Champ! Sorry! What he said

Thanks for the poem 😀. I do live north of the equator.

I’ll miss you guys too!



Best wishes from all of us, Champ!


One comment on “Hermit Crabs Again!

  1. Hai :3 cool crab info! I’m too lazy to write more, ok? XD

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