I’m Too Lazy to Make a Proper Title and Post

Hi! Had my first day of school. Sadly, I don’t think there’s going to be a story because I need to RANT! Sorry for my messed up schedule!

Daily Explorer:
(Apparently, AJHQ stopped replying avidly…)
New Items:
Yeah, can’t go on the computer again. So, let’s take some up from other blogs…
So catchy! If it’s available in the real world, I’m sure the yellow-golden part will glint under sunlight!
GREAT! TIME TO GET SOME anger off my chest.
That’s why I’ve been feeling so mean yesterday! Like in my AJH comment and the dA description. I missed two ranting session! Sorry! Today’s Q-Monday and tomorrow’s A-Tuesday is cancelled!
Everything is Mine
    This is so annoying!
    You go to the Daily Explorer. Animal Jam posted the Beta Party post. Then, someone replied to someone’s comment (mine, I think) and said: “I asked AJHQ for it, so it’s my party”.
You got to be kidding me! That’s really such a hog of you, Jammer! I have a hammer! Beware!
    You took a stroll in Jamaa Township. Someone had good stuff on trade. You did an overtrade. Then, that guy decline. “It’s mine, so you can’t have it”, so says the Jammer. Then why do you put it on your trade list? Geez, people!
    AJHQ wants us to SHARE like FRIENDS. So, PLEASE, tolerate a bit. Not everyone is as rich. Not everyone is as rare. Don’t say everything is yours! Oh, can you get me a RC Car so I can play pixel with it? Never mind.
    Stop being greedy!
    There’s always greed in everyone of us!
    Don’t say you’re perfect.
Don’t say you’re the best.
    Don’t say you own everything.
Don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice.
    Yes, this rant isn’t nice, is it? Well, I’m not saying anything! Oh well, so says my mind. At least my heart is talking to my brain to talk to my something something- whatever. Anyway, I guess you get the point.
EVERYTHING IS NOT YOURS! IT’S OURS! (In AJ. Most of your stuff too, actually.)
Really have to sleep early. Jam on, guys!

3 comments on “I’m Too Lazy to Make a Proper Title and Post

  1. Ugh… Hard to imagine last year I credited myself for the creation of Kimbara Outback because of an email I sent six months earlier asking them to add an Australian Land. I feel awful now.

    Anyway, I really like your blog! Could we meet on AJ sometime?

  2. I think they stopped because all the commentors were pretty much saying the exact same thing in a hundred different ways. ><

    YEP I HATE THAT. Have you ever went to a store on AJ, with someone jumping on stuff saying MINE MINE THATS ALL MINE, OR WHEN THERE ARE TWO OF ONE THING, AND THEY SAY BOTH ARE THEIRS? aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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