Sunday’s Sundae, Sundaes and Sundays

Hi! I guess I can skip ranting for today! Sorry! Anyway, we’ll have a story! Updates first, even if I didn’t get on the computer. Yes, I made a weird title.

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August 11, 2014 Category: Rare Item Monday

Rare Item Monday

Are you ready for the latest RARE ITEM MONDAY!?!

Today’s Rare Sun Visor is the hottest new accessory to arrive in Jamaa – have you bought yours?

Animal Jam HQ


CREATURE FEATURE: Swimming with Dolphins!

The oceans are filled with amazing creatures and Dr. Tierney Thys gets to spend much of her time underwater with them as she does important scientific research! In this week’s Creature Feature, we get to see Tierney swimming with dolphins, plus you’ll get to learn all about how dolphins communicate with one another.

Do you remember another animal that uses echolocation?

Animal Jam HQ

New Items:
Cool new item:
They look pawsome! 
“Moving on,the days video has been released in Brady’s Theater this video is about Why Do Chickens Sit On Their Eggs? Watch the video to find out!”
Ditto for the ice-cream toppings display thing too.)
(For two pictures below: credits to:
A cute item:
Sunday? Someone needs coffee? I don’t like coffee, take mine.
These guys! I remember them!
Some of you probably read this one already, but, heck. Let’s let everyone have a read.
Chapter 1
“Such a pity…” said Graham.

    A young Tavie was placed in a crib placed with water reached half of the crib. “My poor daughter,” wept Tavie’s mother. “Born without a tail piece…”
    Tavie’s tail was not in place. She didn’t have one. She looked lifeless, the purple-and-pink dolphin. “Poor child. I will help you,” said Graham he worked on a tail piece and presented it to the dolphin. “One day, little girl,” he muttered as he placed the tail piece, “you will be someone. I can feel it.”
Like it? It’s about Tavie. Yes, it’s rather short. It was an entry for SwimmerChamp’s contest.
Jam on! I’ll do another part of the story tomorrow!
Comment Call: Do you like poems of stories better?
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Do you like art?
Jam on!

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  1. Coollllllllll storyyy :p
    ~Gamer~ he he heeeeee yes

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