Animal Jam Truth…


Updated: This is a site I found, which involves GENERATING ITEMS. A WordPress account… I wonder if I can report it for spam or inappropriate post? The site is… Should I tell it?


So, I was on the Daily Explorer and I logged out. Is it normally like this?IMG_00000605

We can write in colours for the Daily Explorer?IMG_00000611

Something scary I found. Among all those Animal Jam items it could have appeared, the GENERATOR appeared first! How not scary is that?


Those quizzes are made by eevee… Who IS Eevee? Why would a quiz ask for personal information? Don’t use it! It may be a hack! Look at the questions! Scary…

For today’s update, scroll downwards.


5 comments on “Animal Jam Truth…

  1. I don’t think it’s a good idea to put your log-in info in these generating things.. O-O

  2. Wildflower says:

    That is not right!

  3. This is rather risky too. The site could get reported, if too many jammers complain you could get booted from AJ, and you hardly make any profit from it. Most of the people who fall for these sites are desprete amateur Jammers with little or no rares.

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