Terrors of a Bug

Hi! A Friday! Finally! A SMALL break off! Geez, I still need to go to my lessons tomorrow at like, what? Nine a.m.? Mother Mira Miracles! That is so annoying. Anyway, to the updates!

Daily Explorer:

AJ ACADEMY: Marshmallow Tower

August 15, 2014 Category: AJ Academy,Cool Stuff


Have you ever made a MARSHMALLOW TOWER? Challenge your friends to see who can make the tallest tower with just marshmallows and toothpicks!


Download the instructions from AJ Academy, put on your engineering hat, and get building today!

Animal Jam HQ


No pictures? Grr…
Oh! There!
Animal Jam’s Newest Items on Display:
(Picture credits to: animaljamactive.blogspot.com)
I knew an item related to a ladybug will appear one day!
Singelena had shown a wonderful idea on the animaljamactive.blogspot.com:
 What if you could preview how items looked on you, either with our without your outfit, and everyone could try on all items, member and non member?”
What a fantastic idea!
Oh my, that would be very scary!!!”
Yes, very scary. Look at the picture! The road actually split!
Tavie- Part 3
    She splashed into the water, chasing the monkey. “Graham can’t live much longer underwater!” she cried.
    Graham got further from her sight. Tavie forced her fake-fin-tail to swish faster. Then, she seemed to burst forwards in her determination of saving Graham. She burst past and grabbed Graham. She quickly surfaced. She placed Graham on a nearby rock. “Oh no… Graham… Is he-“
    The monkey choked. “Graham!” cried the dolphin. She tried her best to stop Graham from choking. “Oh, this is all Greely’s fault!”
    “That unlocked your powers, though,” said Greely, appearing beside Graham. “This silly monkey must know the boundaries of joking around. They would eventually harm him.”
    Greely took Tavie’s fin in his paw. “Come. You have more to learn about these powers,” he said. “With these, you can save. You can be known as Alpha.”
    He placed a mech-helmet on her head. Then, the three disappeared, engulfed in Greely’s teleportation powers. The next day, Tavie was already an Alpha who was not too well known, a humble Alpha of love and kindness, but she still have a lot to learn and to explore before she know what sacrifices Alphas make.
    That, is when she get captured by phantoms. The sacrifice is risk.
I will try to remember that tomorrow is rant day. I will try to get on AJ tomorrow or Sunday- hopefully to catch RATH’s party!
Jam on! Be a Jammer, and play wild!

5 comments on “Terrors of a Bug

  1. Cutepups522 AJ says:

    1. About that previous post, “Dolphin Tale” is a movie that’s based off a true story (I think so anyways..) about a dolphin that got into this disastrous accident, and it lost its tail. 😦 So then these people that care for the dolphin create this mechanical tail piece for the dolphin, so that it can survive. (Dolphins need their tails to survive, by the way.) :’)

    2. Cool stuffs! :3

    3. I can’t go to the RATH party because I’m extremely busy on Sunday. I have to go on this long car trip, and then to my cousin’s birthday party. ….

    ~ cutepups522

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