Welcome, Autumn Month!

Hi! So, today is the first day of September, to be welcomed by this picture…



(credits to Google images: Chibird September. Or chibird.com)
Anyway, to the Daily Explorer posts!

GAME TIP- Double Gem Payout!

August 31, 2014 Category: Cool Stuff



This week’s Game Tip has some explosive news! Phantom Fighter will be having a Double Gem Payout! Yes, you heard right, a Double Gem Payout!


Phantom Fighter can be found in Club Geoz, which is located in Jamaa Township. Play on hard for an extra-challenging experience, but keep a lookout for rogue phantoms! They can be difficult to dodge.


We’re also happy to announce thatSpider Zapper will also be having aDouble Gem Payout, so get ready to win double the amount of gems you’re used to winning! We’re looking forward to seeing how many gems each of you win!


How many levels can you beat? Best of luck Jammers!

Ooh. Double gems are good.

RIM- Rare Paradise Couch

September 1, 2014 Category: Cool StuffRare Item Monday

!blog_rim_paradisecouchThe moment we’ve all been waiting for… Rare Item Monday is here!


The Paradise Couch is here and may be just what you needed to turn your den into an actual paradise! The Paradise Couch is unique because of it’s very rare and elaborate design, which makes it a very comfortable and stylish addition to your den!


The Paradise Couch is waiting for you in the Paradise Party, so go pick one up and give your den it’s own slice of paradise.


Which den items do you think would look great next to yourParadise Couch???

How adorable! I mean the couch and koala. (AJHQ, is that a typo? “yourParadise”?)
New Items:
Behold, the feathery Monday Rare!
Kinda all spiked all around (gives me a spiky feeling), but the colour’s okay.
No. In fact, some people eat snakes, believed it could make their skin more smooth.
Oh, picture credits of Singelena of animaljamactive.blogspot.com
I can’t really say it’s a story since I’m taking a break. Maths test this Thursday! Some bunch of homework undone! Anyway, I decided to write a small rhyming poem:
Here in the land of Jamaa
Protected by the heron-spirit Mira
Together we dwell and live in happiness
If not for nastiness
Okay. I guess I have Chinese and Maths homework to do! Okay, bye! Jam on!
P.S. Q-Monday! Ask appropriate questions!

6 comments on “Welcome, Autumn Month!

  1. 1. Ha! I like that ‘September’ thing. It’s cool! XD
    2. Double gems! Nice to know! 😀
    3. AJHQ and them typos..
    4. No. Not all snakes are venomous. Examples of non-venomous snakes are the corn snakes and the milk snakes. I think. Hehe. c:
    5. Another nice poem! ^.^
    6. About that subject called Math.. I finished my math packet I had to do over summer vacation today. Accomplished something! x3
    7. Hmm… okay, I’ll try to think of a question later. Soon…

  2. Ok so…:

    1. What’s your favorite arcade game on AJ? (Or if not) What AJ arcade game do you prefer playing?

    2. Have you ever felt upset/disappointed/jealous/angry that so many items/animals on AJ are members-only, and you can’t get membership?

    3. How are you so awesome and informative? XD

    (idk. :3)

  3. I wish you luck on those tests! Chinese! Fun! ^^
    Happy September. Ha I feel left out because you and Cutepups are doing pictures on your blog and I am sneaking posts on my phone XD
    Question: do you believe in true love, and do you think you will find yours someday?

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