School 101

Oh… Um… Hi! A weird title for today. A dreadfully busy day for me. I have Maths test, a sudden Science quiz on Digestive System (again, just more complex) which I suck at and a just-announced-Science-homework-on-digestive-system for tomorrow! Oh, school. You never let me rest, huh?

Anyway, let’s get to the updates. I know you hate me bragging about how horrible school is. Scratch that. I know you DESPISE me COMPLAINING about how horrible MY school is WITH SCHEDULE.
Daily Explorer:

Jammer Art- Back to School!

September 3, 2014 Category: Cool Stuff



For many Jammers, it’s back to school time!


In celebration of so many heading back to school, we’re featuring some outstanding art that was submitted by some extremely talented Jammers. Picasso and Van Gogh would be very proud of the recent submissions byLieutenant IcyspiritEnchanted QuietmoonArctic WolfInfinity Spiritpride, and Daredevil Frozenstone.


Have you submitted art to to be featured on Jammer Art? Just click on the Jammer Central bulletin board located in the center of Jamaa Township, then click the button that says Submit Your Work. Find the picture with the plus sign, click on it, then find the document you wish to submit on your computer and click OK.


There are so many talented artists out there, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the next Mona Lisa to be submitted! What will you submit to Jammer Art?

Animal Jam HQ

Wow! They all look so great! Except for the Phantom, though. My favourite was the Giraffe, followed by the “bye mom” wolf, then the cat-with-blue-eyes, the bunny then the phantom. I guess Phantoms attend phantom school to be big and mean!
Wait. They know Mona Lisa in Jamaa?
New Items:
The long awaited portrait is here!
Erm… Greely does look different. maybe it’s because all the Alpha Portraits are Painted ones! You can see the thing he usually wears on the frame!
Tierney, if you killed a shark to get that… I’m shocked…
Probably not, though.
Yesterday’s New Items:

Well, it kind of looks like a key hole! Oh my! Remember Graham’s frame? It had a key on it…


Welcome back to the “101” series.

Wild Wednesday:
Now, I do still have a small amount of time to make a short report on since I have done research on them before. No picture, sorry. Anyway…
(Small) Cats- they come in various colours, of normally three. They have eyes that helps them see REALLY well in the dark. They are of the felines family, eats a bunch of stuff such as meat, carrots, spaghetti. Anyway, they’re smart and often lovable, but can be really nasty.
Needs their own ‘toilet’ called the ‘sandbox’ (right?). Cats are amazing due to the fact they can (almost) always land on their paws. They can manage to do it by turning their head, which is followed by the body, then it extends it’s paws for landing position.
Okay then! That’s all! Jam on!

7 comments on “School 101

  1. School starts tomorrow for me. High school. How great. DX

    I have a few books all about cats. And one all about cute, fluffy, curious kittens. My tuxedo cat is randomly purring right now. (She’s so weird, I swear. x3) So adorable! =^•^= meow!

  2. Oh yeah. A few years ago, in health class, I had to do this big project about the digestive system. So ya..

  3. Swimmerchamp says:

    I start school tomorrow too… sigh. Well, anyway, good luck on that exam!

  4. Cats! Mrrr ~

    Hum, I have a math quiz tomorrow.. *complains loudly*

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