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Hello! Did my tests, but they both went horrifically. I didn’t get to finish my Maths test (I made too much calculations that were all weird. Then, at the very end, I remembered I have a calculator! The Science Quiz was hard. My friend and I guessed randomly or the unknown MCQ. Thanks for all the wishes, guys! I appreciate them! (I normally open comments before I leave my house to school.)

Updates, anyone?
No? You want poems first?
As well as I save the best for the last.
Daily Explorer:
OH MY GOSH. Today is update day and I forgotten? Must be school. Anyway…
LOOK! I was like: Ahhhh!

Jammer Tip- Pet sugar gliders are here!

September 4, 2014 Category: Cool Stuff



Pet sugar gliders have arrived in Jamaa, and they’re waiting for you in the Diamond Shop!!!


It’s been heard that pet sugar gliders LOVE getting a rinse at the Pet Wash in Crystal Sands, and we’re curious to know if it’s true! Which is why we’re asking Jammers to take a snapshot of their pet sugar glider, getting prepped and pampered in thePet Wash, and we’ll choose our favorite 5 to post on The Daily Explorer!


Get your buddies to help! Jammer Snaps can be submitted throughJammer Central in Jamaa Township. Get snappin’ Jammers!


Did you know that sugar gliders are marsupial mammals that can volplane (glide) from tree to tree? Sometimes they can even reach gliding distances of 180 feet!  Their well developed flaps of skin allow them to sail when their limbs are extended.


What makes you excited about pet sugar gliders coming to Jamaa???

It looks so exclusively adorable, a mix of cat, lemur and tiger (pose). Most of you would have probably HATE it’s look because of it’s HUGE eyes, so… HATERS, you just got to hate the fact you hate.
Too bad they’re diamonds-only. I’d like to see more Jamaaie (I won’t use Jamaasian again. Wait, I just used it. Jamaaie is my special term.) pet instead of more exquisite diamond-pets.
Well, for us non-member? We just have to wait.
New Items:
Credits: bunny02206.blogspot.com
 Australian Animal Lovers! Grab yours now!
Happy birthday!
So excited:
Such a lovely armour!
EGYPTIAN TREASURE! All those relics!
Although there is only one thing non-members, I say it looks cool. I mean, Scarab-Jewel thing! What  if it’s  the Sacred Scarab, Kheper?
Some sweet sorrows. Sweet since pandas are returning, sorrowful due to the leaving of Beta Party.
Oh well… I’ll miss the old items.
AJHQ, please, can’t you use another picture? The picture has been the same from 2012!
Yeah. Here we go! Wait, here I go.
Thanks for everything, blog viewers
Thanks for everything, commenters
You really outdone yourselves a lot
Daily, you try to forget the blog not
Thanks for all the kind comments
Good opinion on my rants
You all are truly appreciated here
Come along, fun is near!
Thanks for all the gifts of words
Which motivates this blog forwards
I am really grateful for your support
Your friendship, into categories, cannot be sort
(That last line means that you all am not able to be sorted out into categories like “coolest” or “the best” or “rarest”. You all go into one group- Best of the Best!)
Best for the last? I can’t say farewells are the best, but… they aren’t the last at all. Although this post ends…
“I guess, in the end, there really is no end. Just… new beginnings.”
-Raven, The End part 3 (Teen Titans)

4 comments on “A Lot of Stuff

  1. Aww.. That poem is so sweet! 🙂

    Pet sugar gliders!? Whoa.. Wasn’t expecting that! ^o^

    AJ’s now 4! XD that means I’ve been playing for 2 years now. Nothing compared to how long you, Gamer, and others have played. Aye, I’ll post about that at some point. X3

    The Egyptian stuff seems pretty epic! And nonmember diamond shop items. Yay? Cx

    Farewell, Beta Party and Summer Carnival.. Shall miss you!

    And hello to the pandas again! :3

  2. Aww, such sweet words you have for us! I love how you are putting in quotes AND poems! GENIUS! Anyway, ahh you are right! Your blog is the first I have seen of the updates (I haven’t went on AJ) and the sugar gliders are PRECIOUS! YAY! That theme I loved is here! Hoorah!

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