Hello! It’s a new week. Monday! Most of you out there started school already, but then, AJHQ will bring a new rare for your day!

A new item collection. I love items that looks good. Not because they’re rare.
Daily Explorer post:

Jammer Tip – AJ Birthday Cake

September 7, 2014 Category: Cool StuffJammer Tip



Happy 4th Birthday Animal Jam! We’ll be celebrating all September long, so get ready for some awesome birthday surprises!


Don’t forget to use the codeAJBDAY4 when logging in to get this amazing Birthday Cake present! Go ahead an click on different areas of the cake and see what happens. You’re in for a surprise!


We’re so happy to celebrate our 4th birthday, and it’s all because of the amazing Jammers out there! So, with that being said, this Birthday Cake goes to you Jammers!


How do you plan on celebrating AJ’s Birthday month?

Animal Jam HQ

Graham in the picture!

RIM- Rare Cupcake Hat!

September 8, 2014 Category: Cool StuffRare Item Monday



The AJ Birthday Celebration just keeps on giving and giving!


In giving thanks to all the Jammer out there that support us, we would make amazing Rare Cupcake Hats! So yes, AJHQ has got you covered! This Rare Cupcake Hat  will make you stand out like never before, and it looks like those pesky phantoms wouldn’t like it either! The hat looks heavy, but it’s as light and fluffy as a marshmallow. So it won’t slow you down!

Make sure to pick up a pair of Rare Cupcake Hat for Rare Item Mondaybefore they’re gone!

What has been your favorite Rare Item so far?

Animal Jam HQ

Welcome back, Cupcake Hat! Are they still for 777 gems?
Did the icons change?

They brought back an old RIM? :( Maybe make a cake hat next time! :D That was my first RIM in stores.


New Items:
Credits to:
More expensive, a re-run.
It’s back! Let’s go over to the stories of the Diamond Shamans I created for the little question!
How Diamond Animals <SHAMANS> Came to Be
Every animal tribe have their own leader.
    So does the Diamond Animals.
    Everyday they would remember their Shamans.
    Even if we do not know it.
Chapter 1: The Hunt
“Alright! Gather around!” their Shamans would cry out.
The whole animal tribe would assemble around their shamans, listening to what they have to say.
“Now!” the sharp voice of their shaman cry out! “We are off for a hunt!”
The word hunt immediately made the animals happy, excited. “Yipee!” the younger ones would cry out.
The elder ones would get their plans ready, checking their claws or fangs.
“Alright, all!” cried the shamans.
To their own tribes, they called out their destinations.
“Further in the grasslands!” cried the Hyena, Cheetah and Lion Shaman.
“Plunge into the rivers!” commanded the Otter Shaman.
“Enter the arctic plains!” instructed the Snow Leopard and Arctic Wolf.
“Soar the skies, eagles!” yelled the Eagle Shaman.
“Hop across the Australian lands!” the Kangaroo Shaman called, and they’re off.
Okay. Jam on! I need to do some homework!
P.S. Q-Monday! Any appropriate questions?

2 comments on “Cupcakes

  1. Hey, Rainbow! :3

    …… Ok then..

    I know right. Them smileys over at the DE are being quite weird.

    I like how you made the animal shamans order their fellow animal where to go. Kinda like leading a patrol! X3

    I can’t think of a question right now. Maybe later.? Not sure. Hopefully, Gamer, Champ, Repti, or whoever else views/comments on your blog, will ask a question! ^-^

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