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Creature Feature- The Great Horned Owl



Hola Jammers! We’ve got another fun Creature Feature for you, this time featuring Dr. Brady Barr!


Did you know the Great Horned Owl has a wingspan often reaching 80 in. (200 cm), that means it’s wings can harness a lot of flying power! It will usually eat small rodents and birds, but it’s been known to go after larger prey.


Desert and forest regions are where the Great Horned Owl has adapted, and the species migrates only when food is hard to find.


It’s tuft of feathers on the top of it’s head makes it look like it has horns on it’s head, which is why it’s called the Great Horned Owl.


What other kinds of owls do you know and like???


Animal Jam HQ

New Items:
Today, credit goes to Singelena or the
“This is a great item, and it’s non member!”
P.S. My good, good buddies who help me on my posts declared those are “AJ Heiroglyphics” and are not official to the world. Probably says “Golden Cat” or something like that.
Chapter 2: Jamaa
The lions roared. They found a new land. They found a bunny to devour. Before they could pounce, the bunny turned and welcomed them to Jamaa. In shock, the lions agree to live together in peace as their leader go find the females, as they were searching in another area.
The arctic wolves stopped. The cold mountains were fantastic, but a tiger invited them to explore more lands than they ever before. They became one with Jamaa, and their leader decided to find the lost spirit of Zios.
Hopping across the land, a koala in green came by. “Excuse me,” said their leader, “have you seen any berries?”
The koala shook it’s head, then asked, “Are you new comers?”
“Yes,” said the Kangaroo Shaman.
The koala smiled. “I am Cosmo, you can be part of Jamaa where you will never strive or die.”
The kangaroos accepted the offer, but their Shaman went off mysteriously the next day, leaving a note that their leader will soon be back with the other kangaroos…
While scouring the Grasslands, the hyenas decided that they should go elsewhere than the Grasslands. “We get too little food here,” complained one.
The shaman thought about it. “Alright,” was the reply.
The tribe raced out of the grasslands, only to be engulfed by mist. When the mist faded, they were is a place with a blue heron statue. The heron seemed to talk, “Hello. Welcome.”
Overhead, eagles flew, they were now one in Jamaa. The Eagle leader talked to the Hyena leader and decided to help find new lands.
Snow Leopards and Cheetahs were already exploring the place, although they didn’t realise their leaders backing away into the shadows…
The otters chattered as their leader introduced them to Jamaa, they land recently found. A cry was heard, a bunny was sinking. The otter Shaman dove and rescued the bunny, but the otters didn’t know if their shaman still lives for they were too excited to care…
These shamans, remembered by the Alphas (shamans) are now… known throughout the land.
The end! Yes, short but fabulous!
Oh my Mira. I have to stop flattering myself…
Well, that’s for today. Jam on!
P.S. A-Tuesday!

2 comments on “Stuff and Stuff

  1. I also love that today’s new item is available for all Jammers. And it’s pawsome! Isn’t the Egyptian cat god called Ba- something. Sorry, I forgot the rest of it. Wait, maybe I’m wrong. Eh, I’m too tired (and busy) to check. xD

    I like how the otter shaman saved that bunny. And the other otters don’t care if their shaman is alive or not.? Kinda harsh.?

    I don’t think this post is short lol.

    You Jam On, too, Rainbow! ;D

  2. Love the story! ^^ go ahead – I’m flattering you as well. :3 I love the golden cats!!!
    Here’s a random question:
    (For question thingy) Your favorite animal? (In general not in AJ)

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