Seriously? Who’d Like to Enter For Such Hardwork?

Hi! Thursday! The weekends are approaching…

Daily Explorer:

Contest- Cosmo’s Diamond Challenge!


Greetings Jammers! Cosmo here.

I’ve been keeping an eye on everything that’s been happening here at the Daily Explorer, and I’m stupendously impressed with all of the comments! There are tons of very intelligent Jammers out there! That being said, I need your help…

If you didn’t know, I am very passionate about plants, and can communicate with them on a deep level. Which is why I’m offering 1 Diamond to anybody that can teach me something interesting about plants!!!

You see, I’ve heard that there have been many more phantom sightings throughout Jamaa, and I need to research on how to stop them! After having reviewed your plant facts I will see which response helps me most with my research. Keep in mind, I’m only giving away 1 Diamond to 1 lucky Jammer, so best of luck!

Please comment below and tell me something interesting about plants so that I can get to work finding out how to defeat these pesky phantoms! I will announce a winner on this very post within the next couple days.

Tell your buddies to enter thisDiamond Challenge today!


Comments Off
Comments off. Smart.
Seriously, AJHQ. 1 Diamond for loads of research? Oh come on! I’m busy and I only get a Diamond? Do I sound ungrateful? Sorry, but I’m simply not joining.
New Items:
I love the lines, but there are scarabs and “Jamaaie Heiroglyphics”.
I can’t find a blog with a video post.
Marco the Penguin
Part 1
    Marco was never really the best at hunting and swimming. “Come on! If you want lunch, go get it yourself!” said the urging tone of his father.
    Marco took a deep breath and exhaled repeatedly before he dived into the sea. His brother and two sisters raced before him, chasing shimmering fishes all around. Marco raced after one. The scales of the silver fish glittering in the water.
    Marco snapped at a fish. The fish wriggled in his jaws. He gobbled it up and resurfaced where his parents were waiting. “First fish of the day?” asked his mom sweetly.
    “First fish of the day,” bragged Marco.
    “I ate two already, mommy,” said the youngest of the penguin sister.
    Marco’s mother stroked the little penguin’s wet feathers. “Good for you, Little Prettystar,” beamed the mother.
    “Sparkle Snowystone, where’s Mark and Daredevil Grandstar?” asked the father suddenly.
    Suddenly, a penguin with purple fur and blue dotted fur surfaced. “Mom… Mark… he…” the penguin stuttered.
    “What happened to our first-born?” demanded the father.
    “Dad, Mark… chased a fat fish and…”
    Sparkle gasped. “Don’t tell me! A…!”
    “Predators and prey,” said Daredevil, sniffling.
    Sparkle began to cry, her icy cold tears as ice. “Oh, Major. What are we going to do?” asked Sparkle between sobs and icy tears.
    Marco, Daredevil and Little hung their heads, mourning for thee death of the soon-to-be Alpha. Then, it would be only one then. Only a shaman. No more Alpha… or my brother… thought Marco.
    It was the first disaster for the family.
That’s all! Jam on!
P.S. I feel so lazy.

2 comments on “Seriously? Who’d Like to Enter For Such Hardwork?

  1. A Marco story now, I see..

    But wait. If Cosmo said to comment on the DE about plant facts, then why are the comments disabled/off? Suspicious, if you ask me. Haha- being suspicious about AJHQ. Like always nowadays, huh.? I know some plant facts, but I’m too lazy to comment on the DE. Mainly because to comment, I have to log into AJ, and then yadeaada. Blah, blah, blah..

    But seriously? Only ONE diamond for that? I think it should at least be 3 or something. Especially since all the desperate little kids rush to the internet to research some random plant facts. PLANTS. Blah.

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