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Anyway, updates!
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Jammer Tip- Keeping your password safe!


Jammers! We’ve got a very important message for you!

Keeping your password safe is a very important part of Animal Jam. In fact, keeping all of your information safe is very important! This can mean your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.
Also remember, Redemption Codesthat award Animal Jam memberships also count as personal info and should NOT be shared in-game.
And don’t forget this last important fact! Only way someone can sign into your account is if they know your password, and AJHQ will not replace any in-game items that have been traded, gifted, or recycled as a result of unsafe gameplay.

Be sure to visit Jamaa and take theOnline Safety Quiz to learn more about things you can do to stay safe online!
Thanks for making Animal Jam amazing Jammers! How do you practice Safety online?

Animal Jam HQ

Liza’s magical padlock.

Another post:

Jammer Art- AJ Birthday Art Submissions!


September is Animal Jam’s Birthday month and Jammers everywhere couldn’t be more happy to celebrate! Just take a look at this week’s Jammer Art, and you can see how much excitement is in the air! Happy Birthday Animal Jam!

We’ve got some Jammer Artsubmissions from some very talented artists. This week’s winners areBaroness Arcticwolf, Juniper Frozenruler, Princess Fancyjammer, and Snowflake Thejammer! Didn’t they do a fantastic job celebrating AJ’s Birthday???

Want to submit your own Jammer Art? It’s EASY!

Just click on the Jammer Central bulletin board located in the center of Jamaa Township, then click the button that says Submit Your Work. Find the picture with the plus sign, click on it, then find the document you wish to submit on your computer and click OK.

Animal Jam HQ

Nice, but I’m sad I didn’t get featured.

Members over non-members?

New Items:
Look!  More scarabs! Pyramid too.
No video found
Okay, don’t rant back because it’s supposed to be story. Anyway, I guess today’s rant will switch with tomorrow’s before I forget.
    Yesterday, I did go a little fussy on the DE post. Then, today, I realised what AJHQ is trying to get from us- information.
    Where to we get information?
  •  Internet
  • Books
  • Experience
  • Siblings/Parents
  • Artefacts
  • Museums
  • Television
    Animal Jam is a place to learn! That’s what they’re trying to do, even if it’s only worth 1 Diamond. After all, in the end, what’s worth is the knowledge!
    We should be less greedy with our items and use our knowledge to make the world a better place!
Heal the world, make it a better place.
For you and for me and the entire human race.”
-Michael Jackson in Heal the World
Here’s a song:
“People crying out in the streets
There’s a lot of people listening
Let’s try to sit down and talk,
build and an understanding.
What we feel can be altered in the moment,
we decided, between the light and the dark side
So take a stand in this place
‘Cause we’re building our own future
So one by one, day by day
Free to choose a life that’s better for all of us.”
-(Forgot. Ugh.)
I forgot the second verse! Argh! I think it was “Building Our Own Future” or something like that. It was like two years or more ago that I saw the paper. Plus, some text may be incorrect…
Another song I love about the world:
“Mothers giving birth to a little son
crying in the rain of falling bombs
Father is young, but but deep and wise
You see the fighter inside his eyes
Hold me cover my sight
This is no paradise
Don’t show me
the evil sides of the world
How many hours and how many days
love is just slipping away
How many seasons and how many years in tears
How many centuries and how many lives in fear
People selling flowers like nothing’s going on
turning their backs on a world gone wrong
Children play around I guess they found some wheels
You see them running down the naked fields
Hold me cover my sight
This is no paradise
Don’t show me
the evil sides of the world
-How Many Hours by Jascha Richter (MLTR)
Okay, we slipped a little too far off topic, but I was saying/typing something about changing the world, right? Probably I’ll put up more appropriate songs next time. End of rant!
That’s all! Jam on!
Comment call: What is your favourite band/singer?
(SO out of topic!)

6 comments on “Songs

  1. Eh, too many. XD

    Just visit my Blogger profile to find out what my favorite singers are. They include the songs on my blog. So ya. I’m gonna search that song you posted about. Sounds like a good song!

  2. Ok that song didn’t show up when I searched them up on my iTunes. O.o
    It’s like jazz type of music. Cool. c:

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