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AJHQ NEWS – Pandas are returning + Diamond Challenge!!!

Hello Jammers! It’s Liza, and I have some spectacular news…

Pandas are returning!!! Which means more balance will be restored to Jamaa!

I am so pleased to announce their return that I’m showing you this fun new panda clip called “Pet Peeved”, and announcing a Diamond Challenge to all of you Jammers!

Here is the challenge:

1. Watch the video. (If you already watched it, great!)

2. Tell me an interesting fact about pandas by commenting here on the Daily Explorer.

3. Tell your buddies to visit the Daily Explorer today to enter the challenge and help us learn about Pandas!

I will read through the comments, and if one of you can tell me something about pandas that I didn’t know, I will give you 1 Diamond! I will only be rewarding 1 diamond to 1 Jammer, so best of luck! I will announce a winner within the next couple of days, so stay tuned…

Thanks for your support Jammers!

ATTENTION: Thank you for your support Jammers! There were so many responses that I decided I would award 10 Jammers with 1 diamond each! Thank you so much, and keep on jamming!

Here are the winners:

Victory Shylily

Eternal Fastlily

Dancing Speedypaw

Mister Toughpaw

Incredible Cooleagle

Mister Roundstar

Fuzzy Snowypenguin

Juniper Bravepaw

Captain Spiritwolf

Mutant Wingedlily

Your diamonds will be rewarded shortly… Take care!


More Diamond Challenges?

Another of Yesterday’s:

Safety – Playing Nicely


Hello Jammers!

Jamaa is a happy and vibrant place because Jammers make it that way. We are so happy that Jammers are doing their best to be kind to each other. That being said, we’d like to give a few tips to playing safely in Jamaa!

Remember to Play Nice Jammers! You don’t like it when people are mean to you, so you should all respect each other and treat people kindly. We’re all buddies!

Also, don’t forget to use kind words! Let’s keep Jamaa a happy place by being nice to everyone. When people are mean or bully each other, it makes the internet less fun.

Lastly, remember never to share any personal information to anybody online. This can mean your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.

Thanks Jammers! Don’t forget that playing wild means playing safely!

Animal Jam HQ


Jammer Tip – Pet monkeys have arrived!


Greetings Jammers! We’ve got more fantastic news!

In case you haven’t heard, pet monkeys have arrived in Jamaa! Everybody is very excited about pet monkeys, and Jamaa is bouncing with excitement!

Don’t forget to head to the Pets Only Party so your pet monkeys can really let loose! And don’t miss out on the Pet Stop in Appondale, it has special accessories just for your pets! Make sure you take your pet monkey there ASAP!!!

Did you know that monkeys are mainly arboreal, meaning that they live in trees for the most part. Their hands and feet are used for grabbing and their thumb and big toe are divergent from the other digits.

How will you start monkeying around with your new pet monkey??? Tell us by commenting below!

Animal Jam HQ

I think today’s new item is rather interesting, not the video…


Banyans. You just have to love them. They’re amazing. I was searching, check this out:



BuddySheet1 BuddySheet2


Gallery Featured:


Rant; Pixel Buddies



Still: “Animal jam is not interesting a anymore”.

Now what? You want the pixels to please you/

You meet online friends through pixelated animals, pixelated words, interact with pixelated items. Such a pixel-tastic world! Oh, now you’re leaving your friends? FINE. GOOD BYE.

That ends my short rant. jam on, all!



12 comments on “Banyan

  1. XD I think I took the same exact picture of us on my den. Lol. And yes, gurl, totally! 🙂

  2. Yea omygee why didn’t I come on cries o well one of these days we will get that screenshot.
    And tea party, rights?

  3. Repti(not logged in) says:

    the reason is ”animal jam is not interesting anymore, the reason is because I’m grounded for 3 months AND I need a break from AJ, It is school and I have a LOT of work

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