Fire Fire Fire

Hi! It was a rather normal day at school. Let’s now proceed to our updates!

Daily Explorer:

RIM – Rare Beard is here!


A very rare spectacle has just arrived in Jamaa, and it’s coming to a chin near you! Jammers, we present the Rare Beard!

Put on your Rare Beard and head to the Lost Temple of Zios, there you will find Brady Barr’s Lab. You’ll get to see Brady’s latest expeditions with snakes, and he’ll give you the inside scoop inside of his incredible adventures!

At Brady’s lab, the Python Safariteaches you all about snakes and how they interact with their environment! Brady has a lot of experience dealing with snakes, and we hope you’re up for an adventure. Brady and the snakes await you in this adventurous expedition!

S-s-s-s-s-see you there!

What adventures do you and yourRare Beard have planned???

Animal Jam HQ

Welcome back. That end-shake looks pretty awful and painful to do…

New Items:
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It’s a beautiful purple…
There is a new video in Brady’s Theater
Cool! Snap.
Legends of the Land:
  • I forgot, yesterday’s poem was called “Child’s Play”.
It seems so long since I posted a story…
Part 2
    Sigurd looked at himself by the river, his tears dripped, rippling his reflection. “Snow…”
    The wind howled. Ripples began to appear everywhere on the surface of the river. Despite the rain, Sigurd still stayed there. His brown pelt was wet, plastered to his skin. Snow’s words echoed in his head, I want your heart to be forever pure, never to get polluted like the water, land and skies.
    Sigurd stood there, motionless, swaying like a tree. His graceful movements were nothing to him. “I’m  sorry I couldn’t help you…”
    He gave out a sigh.
    “It’s too late anyway,” said a voice.
    Sigurd turned to see his father, Odin. “You will have the tribe soon. You must stand strong,” said Odin.
    Never to get polluted… the voice echoed in Sigurd’s head once more.
    “I’m sorry, my son, there’s more to life,” said Odin, shaking his head. His antlers were magnificent, but a part have been scraped off at a fight.
    Sigurd shook his head, his antlers almost as big as his father’s. “Dad, I don’t want to be chief,” said Sigurd. He wondered if he was crying or the rain acted as his tears.
    I want to ensure the safety of the land. I then wish to have my land to have the best days ever, his own words echoed in his mind, reminding his “promise” to Precious.
    “You’re the first born, son,” said Odin.
    Sigurd faced Odin. “Let Infinity Arcticmajor be the chief, then!” yelled Sigurd.
    “That would mean we both break the rules,” said Odin.
    Sigurd yelled, “I don’t care. All my young ages I had Precious. My teen ages. Now, when it’s time, she’s gone! All gone, father!”
    Odin turned, but something made him paralyse. “Smoke…”
    Then, Odin snapped to realisation. “Fire! Son! Fire in the forest!”
    In shock, Sigurd turned from the river and stared at the black smoke and gasped.
Okay. That’s all for now! Jam on!

2 comments on “Fire Fire Fire

  1. Oh no! Fire in the forest! Save yourselves! :O (something tells me that Odin will die in the fire, or something like that. Or is it just me? Heh, heh, heh..)

    Actually, I thought you would include something about my story in this post. “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE” umm yeah… Me and my thoughts. :•D

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