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Hi! It a new day. It’s almost October, the month of the Night of Phantoms! Anyway, let’s see the updates…

Daily Explorer:

Creature Feature – What’s the difference between a monkey and an ape?

Hey Jammers!

Incredible Peachybug is not monkeying around when it comes to her question for Dr. Brady Barr in this week’s Creature Feature!!!

Today we get to learn the difference between a monkey and an ape, thanks to Dr. Brady’s extensive knowledge about animals! He sure does know his stuff!!!

Did you know you can learn more amazing animal facts by visiting Brady’s Lab in the Temple of Zios. Head over and check it out for yourselves! Thanks to Incredible Peachybug for her intriguing question!

Have you been to Brady’s Lab? What did you learn while you were there!??

Animal Jam HQ

New Items:
Found in the Eagle’s Only Shop.
Good question!
I wonder…
Part 3
    “We’re sinking, Sal!” cried Infinity.
    LaSalle wanted to curse himself. “The anchor! Dang! It must have continued to go into a trench. The anchor’s really heavy, so I don’t know!”
    The wooden boat rocketed down slowly. “The elephant seal can’t even swim!” Infinity panicked. “All because of a stone anchor!”
    “Calm down! Calm down!” LaSalle instructed, then he began hacking wooden boards off the ship.
    “You can’t be a lumberjack now!” Infinity scolded.
    LaSalle drowned Infinity’s complaints by singing a song. “La, la, la, la, la, la, sing a happy song,” sang LaSalle.
    “LaSalle! The boat is sinking!” cried Infinity.
    Then, LaSalle turned with a huge platform. “Quick, climb aboard, bring that seal with us!” he cried.
    Once they were aboard, they paddled as fast as they can in rhythm to be as far from the shipwreck. They reached the sandy beach, and the boat was completely out of sight.
    “If we panicked, Infinity, we might have never made it. The ship pulled everything nearby down. We could have drowned,” said LaSalle softly.
    “You and your miraculous leadership!” cried Infinity.
    They laughed.
    “What a jolly laughter!” a cheery voice commented.
    A monkey and tiger made their way towards them. “Mother Sky is expecting for new animals- raccoons. LaSalle?” asked the tiger.
    “Y-yes,” stuttered LaSalle.
    The tiger smiled. “Welcome to Jamaa, the raccoon’s new home. We will bring all the other raccoons here as soon as we could.”
    When all the raccoons arrived, they all nominated LaSalle as their Shaman, their leader.
Q-Tuesday and A-Tuesday…
I decided to ask you guys a question!
“If you could befriend your favourite celebrity on Animal Jam by just telling the celebrity your first name, would you?”
For my answers…
Cutepups522: What is your favorite animal? In real life? On AJ?
I like almost every animals. On Animal Jam, I must say, I like how they draw foxes, horses, arctic wolves and raccoons.
Alright! Jam on!

7 comments on “Brady Barr Video

  1. Oh. Cool! 🙂
    I like wolves, foxes, and arctic wolves as my fav AJ animals (yeah and irl too XD). So fluffy. And canines. And.. Yeah. :3

    Uh idk. Favorite AJ celeb? Honestly, I don’t have any anymore. Basically, it’s all “DRAMA THIS, DRAMA THAT.” or “I’M QUITTING!!!! -continues playing-” or “OMGG I GOT HAKED AND SKAMMIED SO I QUIT, AJ WAZ DUMM ANIWAIES!!!” -notice the bad grammar; me emphasizing how stupid it all is.- c: and. 1st name..? Why would I tell drama queens/kings my flippin’ name!? It’ll only somehow bring… MORE DRAMA!!! x_x

    Wasn’t the real LaSalle a French explorer via traveling by ship to the “New World” North America.? Is that why you mentioned ships in your story? Didn’t he get overthrown the ship by his own crewmen because he got them lost or something? Oh wait. That was Hudson. Idk that much about LaSalle. So… History? Bleh! •_•

  2. Oh yeah. Here is a random fact! Hue, hue.. O3O

    I have a irl friend who knows a celeb personally- well, kind of. I think so. I forgot- who and what. They have their phone numbers. :3

    I’m PRETTY sure. Not 100% though. So… Ya. c;

    Whale sharks are the largest species of whales. 😉

    Don’t monkeys have to have tails, while apes (such as chimps) don’t? Chimps don’t have tails.. So….

  3. Actually, everyone already knows my name on AJ and stuff, but no, if that person is dangerous I wouldn’t do that. :/

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