October Opal

Hello! First of October, whoop! Anyway, updates!

Daily Explorer:

Jammer Art – Panda Art Mania!!!

October 1, 2014 Category: Animals,Jammer Art


Jammer Art is back! Today we’ve got 5 lucky Jammers that are being featured for their expertise in drawing fabulous pandas. We are super appreciative of every Jammer that participated and can’t believe what amazing artists are out there! Way to go!

A special thanks to:

Leaping Arcticclaws

Darling Tinypanda

Snowflake Sunnycloud

Daredevil Spiritivy

Daredevil Thewolf

Jammers, AJHQ we’ll be on the lookout for Jammer Art that features noisy instruments or the fall season! That’s what we’ll be featuring in the Jammer Art contests to come! Make sure you tell your buddies about it!

You may submit your own art by visiting JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP or PECK’S ART STUDIO inCORAL CANYONS!!

Get drawing and play safely Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ

(The panda with the Sakura Blossoms looks adorable!)
New Items:
Pretty! Looks like I’ve never seen it before…
Oh, Opal…
Wild Wednesday:
Facts on Cats
Secret Life of Cats – What’s on the box tonight

  1. They cannot taste sweetness.
  2. Cats, also called felines, includes wild cats like lions, cheetahs, tigers, etc.
  3. Cats eat grass when feeling sick.
  4. Cats were believed to be gods/holy/sacred in some culture.
  5. Cats have the ability to land on their feet.
  6. Cats have sharp teeth and claws for killing small prey.
Play wild, all!

6 comments on “October Opal

  1. I learned in science class that the reason why cats and dogs suddenly eat grass when they feel sick is because it’ll make them vomit and get rid of the bad thing they ate.

    How nice. owo

  2. Cats were worshipped in eygyption culture c: but I think they also got sacrificed
    Lol that’s one way not to please the cats
    –sorry for not commenting I was really busy with school

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