No words, OK? I’m late… for bed.

AJHQ NEWS – The Panda has returned!!!


Hide your bamboo plants because PANDAS have returned to Jamaa! It’s PANDA-MONIUM!!!

That’s right Jammers, the playful panda is back, and ready for Jam-tastic adventures and games! There’s even a new PANDA MINIBOOK that is waiting for you at the CHAMBER OF KNOWLEDGE!!!

With all of the excitement going on, don’t forget to visit the DIAMOND SHOP so you can adopt a PET TARANTULA!!! One of the coolest eight-legged pets you can imagine!

Which adventures or games await your PANDA and PET TARANTULA?

Animal Jam HQ

CANDY CAndy2 CAndy3 Candy4 Candy5 Newie

Sorry, and Jam on!


5 comments on “Stuff

  1. Cool! :3


    I read the last post and your question. I do like your art as well, Rainbow. It absolutely is not trash; but it’s not the best artwork in the universe (it isn’t a. Mona Lisa or something) but maybe one day you’ll be such a great artist, you’ll be a well-known artist, too! (Ok, not as much as Da Vinci..) But that’s a good thing.. Yay for improvements! ^o^

    Ugh. That’s probably an awful answer/explanation. I’m in a rush right now! D:

  2. Did you get any prizes for the pet thing? Cuz I waited and went to another thingy and it logged me out sadly.

    • Candy items. I’m looking for Candy Tables and Machines. I never got to 400 because… well…

      1. My groupmates won’t pick the candy up.

      2. I was publishing this.

      I’ll try to do it like very fast next time.

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