Just… Two Items, One Video

Aww… I couldn’t get on AJ again… I really wanted to play Bitter Sweets again…

Oh, for dA people who reads this…
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Anyway, let’s get to the updates.
Daily Explorer:

Safety – Respect Online


Here’s an important SAFETYannouncement from AJHQ!

We are very happy that so many Jammers are practicing RESPECTonline. Jammers are pulling together and encouraging kindness while playing Animal Jam! Way to go!!!

Jamaa is the perfect place for Jammers from all over the world to have fun and explore, but at times people can try to scam and cheat the AJ Rules!

Sometimes you may receive trade requests that seem way too good to be true. If you’re offered expensive items for something that is common, it may mean someone is cheating the AJ Rules! And that’s no fun!!!

Let’s keep Jamaa fun and respectful by encouraging each other to practiceRESPECT online!!!

How do you practice RESPECT online?

Animal Jam HQ

Never seen that bag…

Jammer Snaps – Egyptian Den Items


Hey Jammers!

Everyone is really excited aboutEGYPTIAN DEN ITEMS so we’re making a new JAMMER SNAPchallenge!

We’re calling all Jamaa photographers!JAMMER SNAPS are now open for submissions of your best EGYPTIAN DEN ITEM snaps! Tell your buddies and get snapping!

Submit your snaps through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! Keep in mind we’ll be featuring snaps of dens that are completely DECKED OUT in ancient Egyptian treasures!!!

Make sure to get your JAMMER SNAPsubmitted beforeSUNDAY 10/12 because submissions will be closed! Get snapping and good Luck!

Animal Jam HQ

New Items:
Credits: animaljamactive.blogspot.com
They’re both cool, but I really wonder why…
1. AJHQ is releasing same things over and over again instead of making new ones. (Except for being lazy…)
2. Why they are releasing to items at once.
Part 2
    Night fell. Edmund and Lucky Alienberry were watching the Northern Training Grounds. Two giraffes were on every post. “I’m sleepy,” Edmund muttered.
    “Consider yourself lucky, sire!” said Lucky. “The Northern Grounds never actually really get any danger.”
    “Really?” asked Edmund.
    Lucky grinned, “Only fifty giraffes died protecting this post,” he said.
    “Err… I don’t feel so lucky anymore,” Edmund said.
    Lucky scoffed. “About an average of a hundred fifty giraffes died on the other posts, and, like, two hundred for the Eastern Ground Post.”
    Edmund decided to sleep, Lucky promising to wake Edmund up. If any trouble, or any general or chief, approaches.
    Edmund slept, dreaming about Happy, engaged to another giraffe, both happy as Edmund danced on the floor. They clapped for him, but then, the ground began to tremble. Edmund began to tremble.
    “Edmund!” the crowd cried. “Edmund!”
    Then one word struck him odd, “Wake up!”
    Edmund abruptly woke. “Oh giraffes,” said Edmund. A swarm of Phantoms were making their way all around the Grounds.
    “This is a new tactic,” noted Lucky.
    “Err… Anything,” said Edmund. he grabbed a pouch of boomseeds and began hurling them towards the wave of Phantoms. Some dissolved into the air, boomseeed being exploded at them. Lucky seemed to be more experienced than Edmund, even though he was younger than Edmund. His attacks of boomseeds never fail to destroy less than five Phantoms.
    Lucky’s armour glinted in the moonlight. “Come on, if this is a battle, you haven’t seen it,” said Lucky.
    With that, the Battle Horn was sounded and the giraffes burst into battle.
Yes, my font size is messing up. Anyway, jam on!

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