Cute Bat Balloon!

To start the post…

Hi! I still am not able to open the computer. I’m sorry for skipping my rant, but I am sorry to say I am unable to rant every Saturday due to business and lack of ideas because sometimes I just feel… grateful for many things.

Anyway, to the updates!
Daily Explorer:
Nothing found.
New Items:
Finally! New for real and it’s just adorable!
For a not-really-new item:
I thought it was called Ghost Family back then or something…
Found by Singelena in the Sarepia Theater
Is that a Sugar Glider?’s Lilac got some new items I didn’t know returned!
Here are the pictures:

1 2 3

Erm. Violent.
Part 3
*Violence included. Little kids, if any of you are, do not read. May be too violent. Sorry, kids.*
    Commander Firstsun was in the lead, slashing his sword this way and that. Phantoms disappeared, but more kept appearing. Edmund himself started to use the cross-bow, knocking down two Phantoms at once. Chief kicked then, his Samurai Swords by his sides in a whirlwind, destroying multiple of Phantoms at one go.
    Phantoms zapped. Some were just so stinging that the skin began to tear, revealing flesh, and sometimes blood. Edmund wants to not die. No, he doesn’t want to die. “Quick, onto the boats!” cried Commander.
    The giraffes hopped onto the boats out of wood, the phantoms setting their camp aflame. Phantoms began to chase them, and Commander said, “It’s been a pleasure working with you all.”
    With that, he jumped off, tackled down a few phantoms before disappearing.
    The giraffes rowed as hard as they could, yet they were still being chased. Chief finally decided to unleash their last batch of boomseeds. Giraffes, half rowing, half throwing, were busy. Suddenly, Edmund realised that no one was in charge of the ship! Some giraffes began to fall into their watery graves, and Edmund yelled, “Stop rowing! Full charge!”
    “What-” Chief started, but a Phantom dragged him away.
    Everyone panicked, then Lucky’s voice rang, “Edmund’s right! Come on! We have to attack!”
    The giraffes fought bravely, with weapons of all sorts. Then, Edmund saw a larger black blob. Their commander, thought Edmund.
    He twirled a sword expertly on air and clutched it between his teeth. He launched the sword to the Phantom. It looked hurt. “Who did that?” it hissed.
    “I did,” said Edmund, facing the phantom. He grabbed another sword by it’s hilt, and launched it at the Phantom Commander. The other giraffes were battling off the other phantoms, some weakening.
    The Phantom Commander zapped Edmund, causing him to fall on the ground. “Pathetic,” it said before hurling another bolt. Edmund rolled away and, with a golden arrow, shot it at the Phantom Commander. The cleansed arrow took effect as the Phantom Commander began to fade away.
    “Retreat!” it yelled as it started to face away. “Retreat!”
    As the Phantoms fled, Edmund looked at the boat. Barely twenty giraffes were left, all due to an honourable act- saving them all. Suddenly, the boat hit shore, and there was a panda. Looking at them, the panda said, “Hello. Welcome to Jamaa.”
    The giraffes were remembered by Gravestones released on Halloween, and Edmund… he still have a traumatic scene playing in his mind.
    Lucky’s dead body plunging into the ocean.
I pity Edmund, and I’m the author.
Ugh. I should make less deaths.
I made some Ace Attorney OCs the other day (I’m going to finish a cover up and upload it to deviantArt so you’ll understand what I’m doing) and most of their histories include… deaths. I am evil, am I? No, really. That was evil.
Why am I killing them anyway?!
So they will have a feel to become a defence/defense attorney/prosecutor.
Again, more murders coming up as I play the next Ace Attorney since I didn’t get to play it yet.
Wait. This is an Animal Jam blog.
Not Ace Attorney!
I’m making an Ace Attorney Roleplay blog soon, by the way.
Do not steal or copy idea.
Or else…
*Blue Badger in the background, holding a knife*
HEY, who hired you, Blue Badger? G-get away!
O-okay. That’s all.
Jam on! I need to get rid of the Blue Badger!
dA News from my account:
I’m holding a raffle:

I’d be delighted if you would join and spread the word!
Thanks for reading!

Shoo! Go away already!

9 comments on “Cute Bat Balloon!

  1. Heh, heh, heh… Me and violence. XD

    And ooh, interesting! 🙂

    And are you serious, Rainbow? You for real? Please. I think my story has lots of deaths.. And in future chapters… OMG I am like SOO evil! Omg. Muahahahaha! >:D (starts to cry by how evil I am to my characters.. What’s wrong with me?!?!)

    PS: The last lines in this post reminds me of Duke and electro/fireflies. (That was very random when I came up with that.. o-o inspired when I was walking my dog and saw fireflies out at night! #inspirations). Duke and them electro-flies. X3

    Merpa derp! CB

  2. *Ace attorney sneaks up behind the blue badger and yells GUILTY*

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