A Lot of Halloween Items

I got on! Anyway, updates:

Daily Explorer:


Diamond Challenge – Phantom Vortex Game


Jammers, the time has come for the next DIAMOND CHALLENGE!!!

Head to the PHANTOM VORTEX to see how many gems you can earn before the game is over! We’ll be rewarding 5 JAMMERS, with 1 DIAMOND each, for submitting their high scores! The higher your score, the better chance you’ll have to win a diamond! Winners will be announced on October 8th, right here on this posting.

Submit your snapshot through JAMMER CENTRAL, located in JAMAA TOWNSHIP. CLICK HERE to learn how to take a snapshot. Submissions for this DIAMOND CHALLENGE will be closed today, OCTOBER 5 at 9:00 pm MDT.

Jammers can access the PHANTOM VORTEX through the strange portals that have been popping up all over Jamaa! They look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 4.48.19 PM

Here’s an example of what your snap should look like:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.18.41 PM

Tell your buddies and best of luck!!!

That’s a lot of Diamond Challenges lately!




Jammers!!! RARE ITEM MONDAY is back!!!

Now you can celebrate the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS by taking a seat in your RARE PUMPKIN THRONE!

This RARE ITEM is available now so get it while you can!

The NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS has brought many incredible surprises to Jamaa. Make sure you check out the HAUNTED MANSION DEN, it’s quite spook-tacular!!!

What has been your favorite part about the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS so far???

Cute, actually, for a garden.

New Items:

(Couldn’t get videos, sorry. My Animal Jam was so laggy!)

Today’s Gallery Featured:


A Kind-of weird Skull Balloon.




Halloween themed items. Buy a Gravestone to honour the giraffes dead brave soldiers!


The underwater is not leaving out the celebration…





What can it be?


If any of you were kids, the story yesterday was about giraffes defending their kind so not all will be whisked away by Phantoms. At the end, they reached Jamaa in a boat.

Sophia the Horse

Part 1

    A young mare grazed, a colt by her side. “Darling, you’re going to have surprise,” he said.
    The mare looked up, dazzling this colt with her bright blue eyes. “Show me, Sir,” was what she said.
    Sir Grandhorse showed Darling Magicflower over to the barn. “Our adopted daughter,” said Sir.
    “Where did she come from?” asked Darling, looking at the yellow-creamed furred horse, eyes tightly shut, it’s mane brown.
    “A grey heron gave it to me in a basket of flowers and feathers.”
    “Show me.”
    Sir brought out a basket, woven from vines and grass, flowers and feathers tucked each woven part.
    “What’s this? Sophia?” asked Darling, looking at a piece of paper.
    Sir looked at it. “Darling, I think this just says we should name this beauty Sophia.”
    Darling nuzzled Sir. “It sound like a perfect name for her,” said the mare, looking at Sophia’s chestnut mane. “Just lovely.”

    Sophia grew up to be wild. She often let flowers settle on her mane, and run out under the golden sunlight. Her cream fur was smooth. Her eyes are sparkling dark brown, often lined with a soft shade of ice blue.
    “Oh,” Sophia would say to the stream, “what a lovely colour you have.”
    To the trees, she would say, “You have such firm branches and a trunk.”
    She would see beauty in every thing.
    One day, she settled down by an apple tree. She kicked the tree, and two apples rolled down. She reached over to the red one. “You have such a lovely hue,” said Sophia. The juice made her feel warm. The apple was sweet. “Such a sweet taste…”
    Sophia munched on the other larger apple, and it was sour. “You have a large, round shape,” Sophia said, admiring it’s size even though it was bitten.

OK! Jam on!


4 comments on “A Lot of Halloween Items

  1. The new items today sure are… (What’s the word?) different? Yeah. Different. A creepy skull balloon with huge eye-hole things and a throne made out if pumpkins.. How nice!

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