PacMan Ghost?

Hi! Not able to open the computer again! I was finishing up my HW and going to start colouring an art trade. Anyway, updates ahead!

Daily Explorer:
Here’s another video from Tierney!
She loves your questions, people!

AJHQ+A – Tierney Thys: Is Your Job Fun???

Hello Jammers!

Let’s get back in the field for a moment with TIERNEY THYS! Today she answers a Jammer’s brilliant question in this feature of AJHQ+A.

ENCHANTED MAGICMOON asks Tierney the fabulous question, “Is your job fun?” A simple question but a great one!

WATCH the video and find out what Tierney has to say about working with animals. Can you imagine getting to work with animals everyday!?

Have you thought about what you want to be when you grow up???

Feel free to COMMENT below!

Animal Jam HQ

I must say, I guess she likes it so much, she decided to take up interviews!
Didn’t someone ask Brady something similar before?
New Items:
Credits to:
You guys should check her blog out. It’s awesome. Except I accidentally goofed on mine and now, whenever I try to comment, the typing become so slow. SORRY, SING! I really do want to comment.… I can’t comment on a blog with THAT format.
Anyway, Singelena got some good pictures:
 Is it me or does it remind you all for the ghost in PacMan?
Brady and Tierney got some pictures…
Brady, why are you always covering your face?
*clicks send question*
AJHQ, or Mr. Brady, that is, will hate me for that.
I think so, but I don’t think “vampire squid” is the right term…
Part 2
    “Sophia! Sophie!” a voice cried. Sophia knew only one horse would call her Sophie. She turned around to see a snowy-white horse with grey mane. It was Pioneer Superstar.
    “Star, what’s wrong?” asked Sophia. She enjoyed calling him by his surname.
    “Wild horses… They’re moving in to Sunshine Meadows!” panicked Pioneer.
    “What? Why?”
    Pioneer looked uneasy. “I don’t know! Just… Look, Sophie. You’re one of the strongest horses and I think, well, we all think you can help handle this,” he said.
    “Alright,” said Sophia, not meeting his blue eyes. “Let’s go.”
    The two galloped, Pioneer filling Sophia with the details. “They are beginning to mow every single bit of grass, hay and taking our items!” cried the stallion.
    “I’ll show them that no one messes around with the Sunshine Meadowers!” cried Sophia. Sophia spotted the wary looking shop-keeper Pilgrim Vonfeet.
    “Sophia, please help me!” he cried. “Wild horses are robbing all of my supplies!”
    Sophia stormed in, barely letting Pilgrim hear her say, “Alright.”
    Dark brown horses were running around like crazy. “Stop stealing!” Sophia cried. The wild horses were in shock. Leaving everything messy, they bolted out.
    She ran after them. She passed Chief Grandsstar, the sheriff of Sunshine Meadows. “I’ll get them for you, sire!” cried Sophia. The Chief looked happy. After all, he isn’t the strongest horse anymore.
    A few other horses help. A few were rounded up, but Sophia wasn’t interested in them.
    She was interested in the leader.
That’s all.
Jam on!

5 comments on “PacMan Ghost?

  1. The ghost on the balloon looks very identical to the ghost on the cookies I have at home.. Hehe. Phillsbury. 😛

  2. Not exactly. It’s like the Phillsbury dough man. That… guy.. Famous for making cookies (mainly sugar cookies with designs- such as pumpkins and ghosts on them). From raw cookie dough. Bake (or whatever) it yourself. Ugh, I don’t have time to explain Phillsbury to you! Oh wait. Maybe it’s called the Phillsbury dough boy. I forgot. Bleh.

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