AJHQ’s DE Posts are Lacking in the Qualities I Expected

Hi! Sorry for updating a little late! I’m watching some fan-made Ace Attorney cases, so…

Although the one I’m watching doesn’t seem to give enough credits!
Daily Explorer:


Jammers!!! Check out this unbelievable new SKETCH JAM! Have you ever wondered how to draw like a pro!? Well, now you can!

NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS is in full swing, and the spoooooooky activities are just getting rolling…

Jamaa is jam-packed with new Night of the Phantoms CLOTHINGand ACCESSORIES. There are even some wondrous new items on sale inEPIC WONDERS!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 5.59.54 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.02.18 PM

With all of these fantastic new surprises, what spooky or silly snaps can you come up with??? Submit them to JAMMER ART and include FALL orANIMALS IN COSTUMES! It could be featured in one of the the next Jammer Art features! Check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork 

Spook ya later!

Animal Jam HQ

OH MY MIRA. AJHQ! Why are you typing like that! Did you hire a Blogger to type it? IT’S HORRIBLE! Be formal!
The artist from “How to Sketch a Phantom/Puppy/Wolf” are just trolls.
New Items:
Credits: bunny02206.blogspot.com
Jam Mart Clothing:
Oh boy. We love scary items, huh?
Spooky Rug from the Outback Depot:
Looks like it’s carved, but the colours are nice!
No story again. Sorry. No rant either.
Jam on!

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