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Hi! It’s Wednesday, another day! For our updates…

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AJ Comic- Comic Spookiness!

October 15, 2014 Category: AJ ComicCool Stuff


The latest installment of our AJ COMIC has arrived!!! And it’s really starting to get eerie! TheNIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS is filled with so many twists and turns! We now present, the next installment of the AJ COMIC!


How spook-tastic!!! What do you think is hiding under there??? Comment below! And if you’d like to see the first installment, click here!

Wow, the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS sure is suspenseful! Have you visited the SPOOKY PARTY lately??? Oh, and there are rumors that something EPIC has arrived today, do you know what it could be???

Spook on Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ

I think AJHQ did a good job drawing them and more advanced and determined, unlike me, who haven’t even start colouring the first page of my comic.
Anyway, I like the effect of the sparkling napkin.
New Items:
Credits to: animaljamcommunity.blogspot.com


Cool! I think, though, this is a returning item…
Wild Wednesday:
The jackal has similar body structures with wolves and dogs. Scientists believe that the jackals, along with the wolves, are “the great-parents” of the dog. The jackal is in the Canidea family. The jackal could be found in Egypt and Ethiopia.


There are many types of jackals. Golden jackals, found in the Middle East mostly; side striped jackal, mostly in Central Africa; simien jackal, mostly found in Ethiopia while black backed jackals are found in South Africa.

Jackals are nocturnal animals, they are mammals. They are omnivores, eating almost anything- birds, reptiles, insects, leaves, fruits and even larger animals. Plus, an adult jackal’s weight can be up to 13 kg.

~Translated by rainbow000pegasus from a magazine.
Hmm… I think my posts are getting less interesting each day…
Comment below what are somethings you’d like to see!
What I already have:
  • Stories on Jamaa’s legends
  • Q and A
  • Rants (usually weekends)
  • Wild Wednesday about animals
What do you guys think of…
  1. Arts and Craft Corner- teaching how to make Jamaaie art
  2. Jokes
  3. Tips on playing Animal Jam
Well? Jam on!

5 comments on “What Title… Oh. This is the Title

  1. Hmm…. Yeah. Those ideas seem cool. Hehe. Rainbow telling jokes.. ^-^

    PS: Sorry if I don’t comment on your blogs for a few days, guys. I’m really sad-happy now. But sad. And that’s why I’m taking a break. 😥 </3

  2. I like the idea of the arts and crafts corner! c: hmm, I will get back to you later on ideas!

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