Magic Couldron, Tell Me a Story…

Hi! Wow, I seriously really think time flies so fast! Updates… right…

Daily Explorer:
Two posts!

Jammer Snaps – Egyptian Den Items!!!

October 16, 2014 Category: Contest,Jammer Snaps


Congrats to the following Jammers for being featured in today’s JAMMER SNAP contest! The theme wasEgyptian Den Items!

Awesome Arcticwolf

Miss Windycheetah

Eternal Hikingclaw

Arctic Wolf

Rosy Rainymaster

JAMMER SNAPS is now open for submissions of SPOOKTACULAR NIGHT OF THE PHANTOM DENS! We want to see how spook-tastic you can make your den! With so many chilling new den items and accessories to choose from, it shouldn’t be too hard! Tell your buddies and get snapping!

Submit your snaps through JAMMER CENTRAL in JAMAA TOWNSHIP! If you’d like to submit, check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork 

Make sure to submit before SUNDAY 10/26 because submissions will be closed! Get snapping and good Luck!

Animal Jam HQ


Jammer Art – Fall Art

October 15, 2014 Category: Contest,Cool StuffJammer Art


JAMMER ART is back!!! This week we’re featuring FALL submissions!

Congrats to these Jammers for being featured in this week’s JAMMER ART!

Sparkle Cuteotter

Enchanted Arcticwolf

Eternal Bravestar

Snicket Spiritwolf

Arctic Wolf

Would you like your art to be featured on the Daily Explorer? For our nextJAMMER ART features, we’re challenging jammers to paint ANIMALS IN COSTUMES and NIGHT OF THE PHANTOM SCENES!!!

If you’d like to submit, check out this handy tutorial: How to Submit Artwork 

You can also submit your art in PECK’S STUDIO, located in CORAL CANYON!

Spook on Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ

Moving on…
New Items:
Epic Wonders:


Truly epic! Too bad it’s members-only…
The returning one and only…


Kimbara Imports are getting a lot of exports!
It’s pretty awesome! I love these two new items, aside the fact they’re members.


Bahari Bargains have a bargain just for you to be the newest Underwater Hero!


I like this item as well as the Trident, too bad they’re members.

Picture Credits:

I promised a story, so…
Cornelius the Crocodile
Part 1
    The warm sun shone on him. The brown crocodile turned, shocking the green one. “Explorer Speedystone, stop shoving,” said the green one.
    “Sorry, bro. You just gotta prevent yourself from getting a sunburn,” said Explorer.
    The green one yawned. “A tan sounds good.”
    “You said it,” yawned Explorer.
    “What a lazy Saturday.”
    “You said it, bro.”
    A fish flew. “Lunch.”
     “Yum,” said Explorer half-heartedly.
    “Ya sick?” asked Cornelius.
    Explorer belched. “A-a little,” muttered the sandy crocodile.
    “Come on, bro. Hospital?” asked Cornelius.
    “Sure,” burped Explorer. Cornelius helped his brother swim to the other side of the swamp. Miss Glamflower looked at them. “Hello, boys. How may I help you both?” she asked.
    “My bro Explorer needs to see a doc,” said Cornelius. “The regular one.”
    “Okay, boys. Doctor Belle is on the left room, in corridor D,” said Miss.
    Cornelius said a word of thanks and lead the sick crocodile to Doctor Belle’s grey-stone wall. He knocked. “Come in!” said a voice. Cornelius opened the door, and saw the Doctor.
    Doctor Magicbelle was a grey-green crocodile. She had sharp yellow eyes and she had a stethoscope around her neck. “Hello, is Explorer okay? He looks sick.”
    “He’s not OK!” cried Cornelius.
    “I’ll fix him up. You go and play, Cornie.”
    Cornelius thanked the Doctor and left. He looked out, and thought he saw a bulky crocodile in the distance.
What do you think? I’ll get the next one up when I think of what will happen! I also don’t know why I make the first part like that.
Jam on!

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