It’s FRIDAY! TGIF! I was actually shocked when

Were you? Anyway, we expected AJHQ to release the newest Friday items to be “spook-tastic” and all.
Daily Explorer:

Safety – Remember to Play Nice!


Jammers! Here are some helpful hints to make Animal Jam safer and more fun than ever before! Especially now that it’s the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS, and so much is going on!

Play nice!

Jammers, always remember to be kind and nice to each other! You just might make another Jammer’s day!

Use kind words!

Remember to report any bullying, inappropriate, hateful or bad language. Let’s keep Animal Jam fun!

Do not engage in unsafe or inappropriate gameplay!

Animal Jam wants you to remember not to tolerate activities involving inappropriate relationships and themed parties. Jamaa is a place for kindness!!!

Do not ask for or give personal info to others!

This can mean your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.

For more information, or to view the complete list of rules, click here.

How do you PLAY NICE???

Animal Jam HQ

New Items:


Dress up as Frankenstein by using this unique piece of WIG!


I need a lot to catch up…

Legends of the Land:
It’s been a while since I called it Legends of the Land, huh? Well, here’s Part 2!

Part 2

    “Grr,” growled a voice. “Corn that crocodile! Mash him into crocodile-corn soup!”
    Cornelius advanced a step backwards. Two crocodiles leapt at him. He recognised them both- Bouncing Theclaw and Precious Cottonpaw. If the two are here, where’s…
    A much larger crocodile leapt behind him. It was the two crocodile’s leader, Major Majormajor. “Hello, Cornie,” croaked Major.
    “Ugh! If you could be any worse than a bully!” grumbled Cornelius.
    Major grinned, revealing a row of crooked teeth. “I scam now,” he hissed.
    “W-what?” Cornelius stammered.
    “I earned myself some Beta Blue Vines to wallpaper my room,” snorted Major.
    “Enough talk. Let’s,” said Bouncing.
    Precious smiled, eyes ablaze with a yellow flame. “Let’s.”
    Major added, “Let’s.”
    The three advanced on Cornelius. “Hush!” said Cornelius, trying to dust them off as if they were just ants on the ground. He swung his tail, once striking Bouncing. “I don’t want to fight, OK?”
    “Oh, scared?” taunted Major. He pounced on Cornelius.
    Cornelius took a deep breath. He had to be brave. He picked up his courage and stopped Major’s blow. “Y’knaw,” said Cornelius with ease, “let’s say…”
    He sent Major on the ground. “That no one messes with me.”
    With that, Bouncing and Precious ran away, dragging Major with them, but as Cornelius turned, he saw something else.

Oh. What did he see? It’s just the cliché part of the story of the Alphas. Huh, typical.

After all, the existing ones became Alphas/Shamans due to defeating the Phantoms!

Cosmo, Graham, Greely, Peck and Sir Gilbert defeated the Phantom King.
Tavie defeated the Phantoms.

Yup, it’s not me! It’s AJHQ!

Jam on, Jammers and bloggers!


2 comments on “TGIF!

  1. I like how you ended this story part!

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