It’s Saturday! Sorry for the late updates! My family and I went out. Anyway….

Daily Explorer:

AJ ACADEMY – Pumpkin Stencils!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.04.16 AM

The NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS is in full swing, which means Jamaa is JAM-packed with surprises… And in celebration, we’ve got some ghastly PUMPKIN STENCILS to frighten up your season!!!

Click this link to download and print your AJ PUMPKIN STENCILS!!!

Just when you thought Jamaa couldn’t get any more eerie, SCARY BIG HAIR poofs its way right into JAM MART CLOTHING! What ghostly accessories will you wear today???

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.34.20 PM

By the way, we heard tale of a PHAN-tastic lamp that just arrived. Have you heard about it??? Spook on Jammers!

Animal Jam HQ


Guess what? Returning post.

New Items:


It’s cool- I’ve seen some animal use it.


It’s for a Halloween theme, right?

Gallery Featured:


ROLL< not role.


Part 3

    Weird black creatures. “Wow,” Cornelius thought and followed. The black creatures led him to a beautiful savannah, with a tempting mud-wallow. A panda with a staff, a wolf with shining yellow eyes and a tiger with a red cape fought thee black creatures. The three animals had amazing powers. The tiger had great strength, the wolf controlled shadows and the panda had vast wisdom. Cornelius decided to help, and shortly, the creatures cleared away.
    “Thank you for helping us,” said the panda.
    “Ah! It’s nothing!” said Cornelius.
    “This land wouldn’t say it’s nothing,” said the tiger in a deep voice. “It’s inhabited by various creatures.”
    “Cool!” cried Cornelius.
    “You helped us save it,” smiled the panda. “I’m Liza.”
    The tiger stood tall. “I’m Sir Gilbert.”
    The wolf was gone. “The wolf, he’s Greely,” said Liza, almost frowning.
    “I’m Cornelius,” said the crocodile.
    “Welcome to the land of Jamaa,” said Liza.
    Sir Gilbert asked, “Would you like your people and yourself to live here?”
    “They’re not exactly my people… but sure!” cried Cornelius, his eyes shining with excitement.

    You will use your life for the better of the crocodiles. That’s why you’re unique, you’re not like others. Your actions certainly are… expressive. Cornelius, your name is for your pride, not your shame.

    Cornelius can hear the mysterious melodic voice whispering in his head once more.

Okay. That’s all! Jam on!


3 comments on “SKELETONS

  1. Yes. That hair is scary.

  2. Om nom nom
    Eats cupcakes that r invisibeeleee

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