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Hi! It’s time I can’t get on the PC. I’m busy nowadays, now, to the land of updates!

Daily Explorer:

RIM – Rare Phantom Balloon!!!


The RARE PHANTOM BALLOON is here! And Jamaa has never seen a balloon quite like it…

This rare item is only around for a limited time, so make sure to grab yours before you miss out! What ghoulish outfit will you wear with yourRARE PHANTOM BALLOON???

The NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS is in full celebration, and Jamaa has never seen so many Jammers in so many wild and spooky outfits! We’ve even heard rumor of another spooky item, that would look really “grate” in your den.

What is your favorite part aboutNIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS???

Animal Jam HQ

Yes, yes. Your. gif is glowing…
New Items:
Phantom Balloon, credits of picture to
It’s a good rare, I must say, but, again, it’s not a non-member items. It’s been a while, as usual. No need to fret. The time will come.
Err, no story again. I was doing my Maths HW when I am usually writing my story, but I still have to do my Maths at home. So, I might as well take another week’s break for writing. Sorry. I need to make my posts more interesting, but we all have limits…
I must bid you all au revoir now. Until tomorrow!

2 comments on “Glowing .gif

  1. X3 that’s so me. Maybe because that was me for the past like month! xD

    About story writing, I mean. lol

    It’s yellow and glowy.. o.o

    Oh yesh. Question time! (Right? Idc though :p)

    Well, not a like ‘questiony question’. (Wait. That doesn’t make any sense. Uh..)

    Don’t you hate (I mean dislike :o) both yellow and glowy things, Rainbow? (Was reading Gamer’s older posts- again. For this art thing. Ya.)

    Umm…. I think I should end this comment now.. O.o


    • Oh yeah. The art thing I was commenting about before is a surprise art thing for Gamer. Me being busy taking notes, did not start the ‘surprise’ drawing for her yet. Idk why I was looking at her art posts though.. Strange. o.o

      Oh. Gamer might be reading this very comment. Oh noes! DX lol I don’t really care. c;

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