New Updates!

Hey there, what’s up in your lives. Let’s go see the updates:

Daily Explorer:

Jammer Tip – Pet Owls have returned!


Jammers we have some incredible news!!!

PET OWLS have returned to Jamaa!!! And just in time for the NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS!!! Now that the PET OWL is here, you can go play as one in BITTER SWEETS!!! Sounds eerily fun!!!

Have you seen this hauntingly awesomeROBOT MASK located at JAM MART CLOTHING? You and your buddies shouldn’t leave your den without one!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.48.13 PM

What adventures await you and yourPET OWL???

Yes, yes, welcome back…

Jammer Art – Animals in Costumes


Hey Jammers! Our latest Jammer Art is here! Today we’re featuring ANIMALS IN COSTUMES! Yes, we’ve got another round of incredibly talented submissions by some great artists! They are:

Mythical Theeagle

Daredevil Frozenfriend

Enchanted Cuteflower

Miss Magicmoon

Infinity Arcticmoon

FYI if your art wasn’t featured here, some “honorable mentions” will be featured in Jammer Central!!! So make sure to check it out. And a special thanks to everyone that submitted!

Our next JAMMER ART theme isNIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS, so let’s see how spooky your submissions can be! If you’d like to learn how to submit,click here!!!

Isn’t NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMSspook-tastic!??

Animal Jam HQ

I’m not a fan of those pictures…
Animal Jam New Items:
I like the picture, and GOOD-BYE PHANTOM JOURNAL! HA! Thank the Alphas!
WHAT? Members only? Whatever. I have spare accounts, and I don’t have tons of items.
Yes, yes. Sales everywhere.
Ahh, I see Liza is making use of her camera.
Polar Bear.
New Items:
Welcome back…
Fun fact: Candy Bowls existed since 2010.
3rd returning year?
Jam on!

4 comments on “New Updates!

  1. The halo and the mask?! Those are my favorite items!
    I suppose they’re not rare anymore, tho XD hurhur
    Anyway, that’s kewl for the extra den spaces! I need that ha ha
    It seems like the updates are mostly for members only though.. 0-0 that stinks

    • Don’t worry- I’m pretty OK with the updates.

      • Heyo! X3

        I don’t really care about the new items like the halo and feathery mask thing because I have so many from last year’s. Haha. :3

        But the new spooky items… Sgjhuxdghfvjyruhrt >- idk

        The only part I don’t like about this update is that only members get 400 den inventory slots. Eh. But hey

  2. Ergh stupid blahs! DX
    Meant to say….:

    But hey. Most of my den inventory items are members only. Lawl. :3

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