Super Late Updates

Hi! Welcome to an episode of “Super Late Updates”! We will present LATE updates other blogs already post, so, have fun!

Daily Explorer:
Yes, a story of copy-pasting:

Sketch Jam – How to Draw a Wolf!

SKETCH JAM is back, and this time we’re showing Jammers how to draw a wolf! It may look easy, but pay close attention, wolves certainly are tricky to draw! Good thing the talented artists at Animal Jam can show you their secret skills!

What kind of SKETCH JAM would you like to see? Maybe the artists at AJHQ can take some requests and you could see your suggestion become a realSKETCH JAM!

By the way, have you seen thisSPOOKY RADIO!??? How ghastly would this make your den?! And what’s with this new MYSTICAL new den item everybody keeps talking about???

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.39.24 PM

Keep Jamming and thanks for playing safe!!!

Animal Jam HQ

Such a video!
What I learned: the artist likes to troll.
New Items:
Credits goes to, ditto with yesterday’s pictures!

1 2

Trick-or-Treat Bucket and a Potion Set- what I always wanted to be on AJ!
STORIES are still unavailable.
Rainbow000Pegasus signing out, and I wish you folks out there a happy day or a peaceful night.
-Plays loud music of ‘Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies: Pursuit’ very loudly in the background-

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