Whoop! Halloween! My friends were dressing up as a cat-girl, a unicorn (I felt like my act was stolen. A RAINBOW unicorn. Thanks goodness she looks more like a narwhal) and a little devil with those two red horns.

I’d love to dress up as a rainbow pegasus, but, again, there’s no time.
Now, it’s late at night and I think I owe the world updates and a story:
Daily Explorer:

Safety – Password Safety!!!


Hey Jammers! AJHQ here, just reminding you that resetting your password is a great way to practiceONLINE SAFETY!!! We’re so proud that jammers everywhere are doing their best to obey the rules by playing it safe!!!

If you need help, feel free to ask your parents to help you! Just tell them you need help changing your password, and both of you can CLICK HERE!!!

Thanks for playing safe Jammers! Have a spook-tastic NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS!!! Jamaa is riddled with eerie activities! What are your silly fun plans???

Animal Jam HQ

Hey, cool tiger!
New Item:
Not the best for a 
  Not really my favourite- but wasn’t it originally green?
I must have gotten mixed-up… Did I?
For the first time in forever! It’s just back again! I can’t completely promise you all I can do this every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so don’t scream at me if I’m absent! Rants can pop-out anytime, and Wednesdays are still Wild Wednesday:
Otto the Elephant
Part 1
    The young elephant tore though the woods. Enough! protested the young cub in his mind. I don’t want to be under them anymore. No way, no how!
    When the voices fade away, he stopped. He didn’t want to live with the anymore. His parents made him their “slave”. They asked him to do everything.
    If he did another work for them, he might as well rebel. Running, it was now or never. He almost shed a bitter tear. He stood up tall. No, I shan’t be weak. I must be strong!
    Otto took some fresh air in. He has to find a food source, water supply and shelter. He began walk. He snapped twigs with leaves hanging from them and eat them as we walked. He then stopped. There was a green stream. He frowned. “How did it get so polluted?” he muttered.
    He followed it, hoping to find it’s source.
What do you think?
Oh, Snowypaw! I’m sorry I neglected your Q!!! Here’s the Q:
“What’s your favourite food?”
Umm… I can choose. Haha, sorry to disappoint you, Paw!
Jam on, dear readers! Jam on!

6 comments on “Halloween!

  1. Om yesh! Who cares that your friend’s a Pegasus that looks like a narwhal? Be your true YOU, Rainbow! A rainbow Pegasus! Cx

    My friend was cray-cray this morning. LOL. X3 they’re a mariachi band with huge sombreros. And my cray-cray friend’s a fox. She’s cray-cray because she was throwing the fuzzy stuff of her costume (yeah, she wore her costume to school) on the floor, and called the fun clarinet teacher a pumpkin. (He didn’t wear a pumpkin costume..) XDXD

    My history teacher went into this long lecture thing all about beheading methods. … •.•
    That’s the scariness for today, thank you very much. e.e

  2. I hope you had a good Halloween!
    .. No time? Does that mean you didn’t go trick or treating? :c
    No, you’re right. The mask was originally green. AJ isn’t that original with their items anymore. Colors, really, AJ?
    I like your story, it’s simple and enjoyable.

    • No, no one here does, if they’re not a foreigner.

    • Oh, oh, oh. WAIT! I know the answer! X3

      Frankenstein masks were, yes, originally green. But just for the original Frankenstein masks (the 1st versions of them- RARE- the one Precious is wearing in my post cx). Every year after that, only non-RARE Frankenstein masks came to stores on AJ. Last year, light brown (the original color of the non rare Frankenstein mask) was the original (1st) color on the colors thing for that item. And so the same happened this year.

      (In other words just in case I confused anyone). RARE= green | non-rare= light brown

      And I finally got sleep (actual sleep- whoa ^o^) last night. yay c:

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